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Dear Editor:

The ceaseless complaints of the people against The Royal Bahamas Police Force (RBPF) are reverberating throughout the length and breadth of The Bahamas!!! Mothers complaining about lost children, the public complaining about “whiffing” attempts which border on extortion; families and friends complaining about rough-neck arrest tactics; assaults with deadly weapons; threats of physical harm and all forms of mayhem with some too extreme to mention here.

This unprecedented amount of adverse police actions in The Bahamas violates “THE JUDGE’S RULES” which mandates: “THE PRESERVATION OF THE PEACE AND THE PROTECTION OF LIFE AND PROPERTY!!! Over the past two (2) years, these complaints against the RBPF have risen from the chronic to the outrageous!!!

“These officers may descend upon you in the wee hours of the morning, when you are disoriented and under the influence of your bedtime medication, violating the sanctuary of your home” a citizen bemoaned. “Statements presented as evidence can be gerrymandered to make anyone appear guilty of most crimes, placed in a system that will convict you and all based on the word of these suspected “Rogue Police Officers” another victim complained.

The entire plainclothes division of the Royal Bahamas Police ( SIB, DEU, CDU) and all divisions which work without uniforms must be DEMOBILIZED..WITH IMMEDIATE EFFECT!!! All Officers attached should be placed on external scrutiny to determine if there are “ROGUE POLICE OFFICERS” insulated in these divisions, as they must be ROOTED-OUT AND BROUGHT TO JUSTICE, IMMEDIATELY!!!


The Bahamian