Where is the third man who booked the room in Italy for the two Bahamians who later were found dead in the Po River in Turin, Italy?


Ambassador Ellison Greenslade, former TOP COP now stationed in London, should be allowed to assist Italian police with their investigations into the deaths of Blair John and Alrae Ramsey…

Scenes following the discovery of those two Bahamian men in Turin, Italy on Tuesday. Photo by TORINO MISTERO

ITALY| Bahamas Press is learning more in what has become a global mystery concerning how two men died between Friday May 31st and Saturday, June 1st, 2019 when all communications stopped with them during their visit to Turin, Italy.

We can tell you Italian investigators Enzo Bucarelli and Giulia Rizzo have made videos of surveillance cameras in the areas where the bodies were recovered at the Po River.

They have also collected images of public transport that the two might have taken. The mobile investigative teams are also looking in the city for traces of contacts or connections with someone, possibly a third person.

From information already collected, we know the apartment booked with Airbnb was in La Loggia 2, Mirafiori, an upscale residential area, which was near the neighborhood where the conference [19th Eawop congress] was to be held. Blair along with some colleagues from Canada presented at that event. But investigators now know neither Alrae Ramsey, 29, nor Blair John,28, booked nor made reservations for the apartment the keys to which were still in their pockets when the corpses were pulled from the river. Their bags and items have vanished from that apartment where they stayed just nights before they were discovered dead.

According to Investigators, a man who lives in Turin confirmed to Italian investigators that a reservation for four nights, most likely between 28 and 31 May, had been made with him.

The booking was “booked for three guests,” he said. But who is the third man who paid the bill? To this day no one knows! Just as it is not known who was the contact who provided details for the reservation of the apartment: a person that the owner of the complex says he never saw.

Detectives can now confirm that John, a Ph.D student at St. Mary’s University in Canada, had to leave Italy on Saturday. His ticket for that departure is dated Saturday June 1st. Late morning. Malpensa – Frankfurt, the route. Then Frankfurt – London, then directly into Canada.

His friend Ramsey, as BP reported yesterday, was expected in Vienna for an exam, but he didn’t show up, which raised the first alarms to file a missing report.

At the time of his death Ramsey was on leave from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs which he joined the service in 2013. He was registered to pursue a one-year Postgraduate Diploma programme in Diplomacy/International Relations and Languages at the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna in Austria for the period September 2018 – June 2019, and funded via a grant from the Bahamas Government.

Former SuperCOP turned Ambassador to UK Ellison Greenslade should lead team to Italy.

Prior to this leave, his last known assignment with Foreign Affairs was between 2016 and 2017 when he was a third Secretary/Vice-consul at the Port-au-Prince Embassy in Haiti. 

We are learning The Foreign Affairs Ministry has sent officials into Italy to gather information and monitor the investigations with the police. We do not know if any officers from the RBPF have joined this team, but we know the former TOP COP at the RBPF, Dr. Ellison Greenslade, with wide and broad policing contracts throughout the world, is on that side of the world and could lend powerful experience to this investigation. Someone should invite him to use his broad, talented, and exceptional policing skills.

The bodies of the pair were found in the waters of the Po River some fifteen hours in time and some four kilometers in distance of each other on Tuesday.

We report yinner decide!


    • I would investigate Fred Mitchell, Redmond Fraser. But Redmond is a suspect. I know he is gay for sure……This is exactly what happened to Harl Taylor and Thaddeus…..

    • No one is denying or confirming that that idea of “Sexual Preferences” in this post was an issue. We do expect though for police to commit to a thorough investigation before delivering conclusions. So where are the men wallets? They are still missing at last count.


  1. Please just stop posting this Cosa Nostra bs. 1) Turin has a history of not being friendly towards black and African tourists, 2) The Italian prime minister is an ol’ dirty racist, a lot like Trump and attacks on black tourists across the country have gone up, 3) There is absolutely no evidence to tie these men to anything illicit.

    Think of the friends and family of the victims. Think of what kind of pain this is already causing them and keep your bullshit accusations in your head so that you don’t add to it. There is a very special place in hell for this kind of behaviour.

    • Than we’ll just have to wait and see what happened; but this is not no hate crime, that’s bullshit.

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