Where is URCA yinner?


Gone on Vacation when the public in crisis!

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Nassau, Bahamas – During the passage of Hurricane Matthew we asked the question where was Cable Bahamas in all this as the company and its new sister mobile company NewCo went mute.

Early in the week the Prime Minister at a press conference at NEMA involved all services across the country and guess what – again Cable Bahamas was not present. Now this is serious.

Here is the company through which ZNS transmits around the country including broadcasting critical information via ZNS to the citizenry. But all of a sudden, even if you had light somewhere in the country, Cable Bahamas was off-air. And during the storm everything went quiet and mute.

During the Matthew’s passage Bahamas Press asked one fundamental question: Where was URCA in this entire conundrum?

URCA responded: The Utilities Regulation and Competition Authority (URCA) wishes to advise the general public that it has resumed normal operations after the passage of Hurricane Matthew.

We shall wait and see what they ga say about this!

We report yinner decide!