Where was the police at Boxing Day Junkanoo Parade when Genesis Blocked the Road?


Genesis should be banned from Junknaoo for the next three years!

COP Anthony Ferguson must get to the bottom of this and demand to kmow what happened at Boxing a
day parade this morning.

Nassau – Pure chaos was again presented to Bay Street as truckers carrying pieces for the Genesis Junkanoo Group blocked the holding area near the British Colonial-Bay Street area and went to rush on Bay Street.

The incident created chaos for other groups attempting to enter Bay Street with their pieces and caused the parade to stall.

Witnesses to the event told BP, “We have been doing Junknaoo all these years and still we are unable to properly manage and avoid simple problems which exacerbate the flow of the major event.”

Police, we are told, were on Bay Street. Even the Commissioner of Police and his top brass were walking on the parade route in their costume while pure chaos was unfolding at the beginning of the parade.

How is it in 2018, with all this fear of Security Threats and Global Terror in the world, was one group allowed to park in the road against the security of good order of a major event where thousands of persons are gathered and not one police brought order to this mess, all concocted by one rogue group headed into Bay Street. This kind of foolishness must STOP!

This is a most egregious and wicked act to be conspired against people who just wanted to enjoy our most anticipated Bahamian cultural event!

Genesis should be banned from Junknaoo for the next three years!

We report yinner decide!