Where were the voices of the Preachers when that Pedophile Minister came to the Bahamas not long ago? Now you want talk about Gambling? GO SIT DOWN!


Pastors on National Radio say they don’t want ‘yinner’ money – ya see where this debate going now?

Bahamains cannot take the Christian Council serious! They say we cannot gamble, but had nothing to say about that Pedophile Minister raping the children!

Nassau, Bahamas – Members of the Christian community in this country must have some nerve to come on National Radio this morning and argue against the Gambling Referendum that will be held on December 3rd.

Bahamas Press
stands appalled by the fact that the preachers would find their tongues to speak against Bahamians gambling, but all of them had nothing to say when that publicly exposed US preacher, who was putting “rod” on the backsides of boys in America, including a Bahamian, came here to preach on Paradise Island.

What rank hypocrisy!

And when we say “rod”, we do not mean the rod used by the biblical prophet Moses in the Bible!

The nerve of these charlatans, who now have made this town perverse and damnable with their corruption – from raping children to thiefin the church money – the last group to talk about gambling should be some a these dutty pastors!

Monday morning a group went on ZNS 1540 am to protest the decision by the Christie regime to remove the APARTHEID law thrown on the people in 1967- which made gaming illegal for the poor blacks and whites in the country.

No one understands how the church could now protest gambling when it is so prevalent in the country. Everywhere you turn there is a gambling house and everywhere you turn there is a church.

Monday morning’s guest, Rev. Clifford Smith, argued that he does not accept “Dirty Money” – illegal gains – at his church. Now, do you believe that?

One should think every church in the country would want Bahamians; rich and poor, black and white, saved and unsaved to come and give alms to advance the assistance to the less fortunate in this society. One would believe all churches would love and welcome support from hardworking Bahamians who work at Casinos, bars, clubs and number houses to assist in providing meals and soup kitchens across the country. But according to Rev. Smith that is not so.

Therefore, Bahamas Press, is calling for all persons who find themselves in that category that earns them a wage not welcomed by the church to take your money from this Sunday onwards and help the needy around you. Give your Monthly offering to the Children Emergency Hostel and to Rev. Capron’s hospice to help the poor who have no one to care for them.

Send in your money to the Bahamas Red Cross Society and to the homeless shelters like the Salvation Army that so badly need your funds.

Cause if the pastors of the Bahamas don’t want it, then what ya giving it to them for? GO AND HELP GOD’s Children today!

We ga report yinner decide! VOTE YES!