While women are being murdered the FNM finds time to play politics and respond to Christie. Where is the FNM solution to the problem?

The FAILED FNM leadership on Crime.

Nassau, Bahamas — Residents should note sometime around 1PM on Tuesday the wutless FNM Chairman issued a response following Perry Christie’s grand plan to combat crime in the country.

Now isn’t that amazing. After four and a half years of breaking murder records and overseeing the axing, maiming and death of almost 400 citizens since coming to office, the FNM leadership quickly found time to respond to a Christie address without sharing one solution to the country’s vexing crime problem.

The statement, which was kept secret like some lost scripture, was sent only to a select group in the media. They failed to share the statement with Bahamas Press. It was also never published on the Party’s website nor was it shared with any of the FNM parrots online.

Why the Foreign National Movement find the time to put words to paper and respond to Christie, and not offer a damn solutions to a vexing crime problem is beyond us! They have managed the crime problem to criminal levels! The FACT IS SHAMEFUL TO SAY THE LEAST! Women all over this country are being axed, diced, slaughterED and maimed by these Rwandan style HUTU killers and yet the Ingraham FNM government has no plan TO CURB THE SCOURGE. They are paralyzed on offering a single solution!

The state of paralysis is sickening to say the least, and this morning Bahamas Press CRIES SHAME, DUTTY SHAME ON THE FNM! They put politics before people!

Today we publish the FNM’s SHAMEFUL response to Christie’s healthy deliverable solutions…

—-END —-

For Immediate Release
16th August, 2011

Free National Movement’s Response to Perry Christie

The Free National Movement is deeply aware of the unacceptably high incidence of crime in our Nation, particularly violent crimes against the person.

Notwithstanding the reality in our streets and communities, the crime situation calls for measured responses from responsible agencies of the Government, political, civic and social leaders.

This is not the time for partisan political posturing or knee-jerk responses. What The Bahamas needs is a mature political and social consensus as to the way forward in combating the ubiquitous social phenomenon of crime.

The National Address on Crime made by the Leader of the Opposition was seriously deficient in that it verged upon political plagiarism of a number of legislative and educational initiatives which have already been fore-shadowed by the Government, or which are already being implemented.

The Government has already foreshadowed and circulated a draft amendment to the Bail Act to increase the permitted time of incarceration pending trial for the most serious criminal offences from two (2) years to three (3) years.

Mr. Christie promised to amend the law to define categories of Murder so as to facilitate compliance with the Privy Council decision that only the “worst cases” of murder qualified for the imposition of the Death Penalty.

Mr. Christie is aware that the Government has already fore-shadowed its intention to do just that; and that in October of this year debate will begin in Parliament on several Bills, designed to re-define the offence of Murder and to up-date the Criminal Law.

Mr Christie promised to implement technical and vocational instruction in all schools. This is already being done throughout The Bahamas where, even in Primary Schools, agricultural programmes are being implemented. Significant investment has been made by the Government over the past several years to improve and expand the technical and vocational subjects offered even in Junior High Schools.

Mr. Christie called for more Supreme Courts to be devoted to hearing criminal cases. He should be reminded that when he left office there were only two (2) Supreme Court Judges assigned to hear criminal cases in Nassau. Today there are five (5) courts hearing criminal cases.

Further, the Government has devoted more than $14 million in the purchase of the Ansbacher Building and the thorough renovation of the original Supreme Court and Hansard Buildings, to create additional court rooms and administrative facilities, with a view towards improving the efficiency of the administration of justice. Again, the Government has already fore-shadowed the allocation of more judicial and legal resources towards attaining a more timely and efficient trial process and towards reducing the backlog of serious criminal matters pending, but unheard in the Supreme Court.

Mr. Christie touted his much heralded “Swift Justice” initiative which we remind him was decried by the Judiciary as being “neither swift nor just”, and which verged upon being unconstitutional in certain aspects. We also remind him that “Swift Justice” did not have any significant impact in reducing the backlog of cases in the Supreme Court.

The endemic problem of crime demands that responsible Leaders help in forming a National Consensus on the way forward. Once that consensus is determined then all political entities should respect the views of the Bahamian People, amend our Laws and even our Constitution, if necessary, to re-fashion an effective system of justice which can command the respect of the Bahamian public and, thereby, assist in providing the needed element of social deterrence.

In the meanwhile the Government is already making necessary economic and social investments in improving the administration of Justice.

Carl W. Bethel, MP
National Chairman


  1. These guys r real jokers.All this time,murder after murder,not one national address.Now,they can find time to talk about what they have in the pipelines.

  2. well yall know now dat puttin dem in power was a big mistake and needs to get deal with quickly before we loose another

  3. Even Ivan Johnson and the Punch are giving kudos to Christie for his innovative ideas,now thats an oxymoron.The FNM Govt needs to leave the keys at the door and close it behind them.For the sake of all living Bahamians please Papa ring the bell.

  4. This black Oompa Loompa and his goons really think the citizens of this country are still some backward, Topsy spinning fools. That they responded to someone that called them out on their ish, but never responded so quickly and concisely to the murders, non-garbage collection, Dengue fever, illegal numbers, the immense amount of foreigners swarming this miniscule island (go to super value in the west any given day, particularly the weekend, and you’ll wonder if you’re in South America), and the epic amount of all types of crime, shows how insecure, petty, they are, and they couldn’t give a squat about Bahamians. All they care about is the money, perks, vacations, and sweethearts.

  5. “The endemic problem of crime demands that responsible Leaders help in forming a National Consensus on the way forward”.Even though this point is true Carl Bethel will be fired by Ingrum as FNM MPs and FNM supporters of this outgoing Govt.have always decried consultation.I had started to think that FNMs were unaware that consensus is the best way forward.Christie has again proven to be correct in his stance for getting all the best ideas before embarking on a project.Kudos Carl after 4 plus years you are seeing the light.

  6. Is it me or does Bahamas Press seem to be lopsided??!! We realize that you “Hate” the FNM or PM HUBERT, but damn, you don’t have to be so outright with it! Give credit where credit is due! I respect the points of the Honarable Opposition and his Ideas to combat crimes in the Bahamas. Sadly, but at the end of the day, the PLP neither the FNM cannot stop me or you or any of these ruthless cowards from killing!
    When it comes to Justice, Nothing is Swift – C’mon!! “Swift Justice” is just another idea, unless Perry intends to really turn the Bahamas into a Cowboy town. The only “swift justice” Perry can offer these criminals is to start Hanging their A$$! Plain and simple! Other than that, all we doing is loading up cells full of hopeful Killers!!
    The only solution to this problem is Us, we the people of the Bahamas….real talk each and everyone of us in this nation know at least one criminal, and for some reason, as much as Bahamians love to gossip and catch “gapseed” they wouldn’t talk who jook up or shoot who! There goes the problem! The only thing government can do, is to ensure us that we have an adequate justice system and Patrol and Policing to see to it that these crimes do not go unnoticed and that criminals are caught immediately & are put way -rather to Death!!
    The Bahamas need some Tough Love, Plaine and simple!

  7. the FNM should hang they head down in shame for sitting back while all these murder taking place!and they ain’t say chit! yet when perry lay out his plan, they could find the time to talk chit!! where was these guys the last four 1/2 yrs!! the FNM need to go like yesterday !! thanks to the former PM the FNM have a plan now!!lol.

  8. I am not surprised that the outgoing Chairman of the FNM would respond in such a childish manner.Showing how just out of touch the Govt machinery is the Chairman says that some of the things enunciated by the Opposition Leader are being plan by this incompetent outgoing Govt.Its avery stupid press release as every Bahamian knows that the outgoing Govt has not proposed any Crime fighting strategy as it is inept and bankrupt of ideas.Yes I do agree that some of the proposals advanced by Christie are/were in the pipeline but the stop,cancel review policies of this outgoing Govt has crippled their effectiveness.I just hope that Carl Bethel has the guts to appear on a call-in talk show so that he can get a shower for his stupidity.

  9. This FNM cabinet likes to say that they are one big open political party tent for all Bahamians. Secretly, they act like the “H” in Bahamaland must stand for Haitians, you know the 100,000 they permit to roam our nation.
    As the election draws near this FNM cabinet will be announcing many new plans to spend money they don’t have in the Bank. They will present them as new and fresh but why didn’t they help the people for the past years since 2007? They will talk about things like if they are reelected in 2012 they will do so and so for the people, talking like they must be some new government coming to power for the first time.
    This FNM cabinet has lots of plans but they did not help to create one single new job, outside of the civil service and cushy political appointments, since being return in 2007. Hear what I am saying. Not one.
    They lie and tell Bahamians that they do not favor Haitians but still they cannot deny that they are the most granted Bahamian citizenship’s.

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