Who in the FNM pocketed Sir Durward’s money? FNM to hold a Press Conference today


Sir. DurwardNassau, Bahamas – Like red devil worshipers on the most holy day of the week, the Free National Movement Leadership will have a Cabinet meeting today [SUNDAY]. Sources in the FNM tell us the government will enter the boiler room with much hostility. Once again Hubert Ingraham will land Tommy T and Dion a silly ‘cussin’ session.

A source with intimate knowledge of the FNM told BP in a secret meeting held Tuesday of last week that Papa cuss out Tommy and Dion stink. The source said, “Papa was overheard saying you two are wutless, I should have known better than to put you two in charge, I should have remembered how you two messed up in 2002. You caused me to spend plenty money in Lizzy, you two have no shame.” The source said that these two fellas careers are finished in the FNM.

It is alleged that hollering and weeping was coming from the room and the source did not know whether it was Tommy or Dion or both who were hollering and weeping. Carl Bethel was said to have pulled a Pontius Pilate, and was said to have told Papa” you fired me three times, these two idiots pulled rank on me and overrode every decision i made, it is their fault”.

But FNM Leader is already in a bind. It was just last week during the evening following the by-election in Elizabeth Ingraham told Party supporters, he will not challenge the out come of the by-election in Lizzy. Ingraham said, “We are democrats and we believe elections are held on the ground and not in a court room.”Dion Fo

However, only days after those words were echoed from the man who “means what he says , and says what he means”, the FNM plans to take up the matter in court and also raise issues with the election court sources in the FNM tells BP. “A planned press conference is slated for today and in that press conference, we plan to tell the people our plans to appear in the Election Court to further argue that the seat rightfully belongs to Duane Sands.”

BP has further news, which confirms that the FNM is on a dangerous downhill roller coaster ride.

Ingraham is believed to have outspent the PLP 3:1 in the Elizabeth by-election. Ingraham we know, has failed to tell the Bahamian people that one of the chief fundraisers of the UBP, Sir Durward Knowles, who raised and delivered more than $1 million for the Elizabeth by-election.

Tommy TBP understands that money raised was placed in the hands of Tommy T, Dion and Carl ‘Undernourished’ Bethel. BP insider in the FNM has informed us that Sir Durward is HOT and is spitting mad following the outcome. “Sir D is strongly mad and believes that some of the money went into the pocket of one of the FNM bigwigs who led the campaign. The Party’s leadership is investigating this crime and will soon deal with the matter.”

Bahamas Press source also said, one of the persons believed to be at the centre of this was seen spending $100 bills like it was going out of style. Your BP has learnt that the Party spent more than $1.5 million outside of the funds submitted by Sir Durward and this is not all.

“This is not added with all the capital development works; road, streetlights, the drainage system, the naming of the streets and the extended hours for the clinic and library in the area.

“We spent all that money and you mean to tell me we could not muster more than 2 votes? And when you add all that up you must remember Duane Sands used a substantial amount of his own money in his bid,” the FNM source said.

We are investigating new information which has come to our attention, we have been told of an Inspector who lives in Lizzy and had eight votes in her house, it is alleged that her contract was extended on the spot, we wonder which Minister could do that? We will check with our sources in the High Command of the RBPF and confirm the name of the individual shortly.

Papa is hot as a goat pepper and we expect some of the goons who were toting news to Papa to get cuss out today. They were telling Papa that a Minister was not doing any work in a certain polling division; however, this polling division was the one that brought in the most votes for the FNM. Certain other Ministers including the one we call the Pillsbury Dougboy were in the headquarters smoking cigars provided by Sandy and eating up all the food.


Carl Bethel, Duane Sands and the Pillsbury Doughboy in Lizzy on the campaign trail.


  1. BP they just angry because someone is speaking out against the Government.  I mean they’ve got all of the ZNS stations, the ‘rag sheet’ Tribune, the Nassau Guardian and The Punch on their side.  Always TRYING to make the Wutless’  Gufment’ look good.  To them the Govenment can do no wrong.  Could you imagine if everyone voted FNM. (Dog eat ya lunch!) Thank God for the opposition PLP and thank you BP  for exposing them for what they really are…WUTLESS.  

  2. Kim pay no attention to the hired HACKS like NCL. They come on here to discredit, talk fool and dis the site. When they can’t get a letter in the Tribune they want me and you to not read BP. WHAT A SHAME!


  3. Krossova, what hate are you talking about?, you can’t hang in a real debate, so you shoot s***, you arm chair politicians wannabe’s can’t handle the truth, politics is a science, a science to be studied, I brought up a point, my point, you have a problem with that, stop jockin’ my ideas and find your own, I am hiding behind a monitor?, what are you doing?, are you out of the closet?, “NO!!”, so stop talking stupidness, and bring something constructive to the diatribe on the blog, HAI ain’t God, far from it, very far, …….he orchestrated this whole bye-election and now it has blown up in his face, this is the stupid kind of leadership ya’ll praise, the man ain’t disclose his earning for that long, and ya’ll cheering for him when he is caught in his lie, right is right, get your own talking points “DUDE”, this the kind of thing that separate the smart ones from the dummies, I am not a PLP and proud of it, Bahamian first, yes proud, but I ain’t no FNM either and damn proud of it, ya’ll only looking for hand outs anyway,

    • we aint having this back and forth, I say you win, I conceded to you.but I know how yal go (wink,wink) yal gatta have the last say. so you had the last say okay awakened. you win!

  4. @ Kim Sands first and you said that you were non-partisian.. YOU LIED.. but that is typical of PLPs.. Lieing.. NOW I am not shocked that  all of you PLPs would come here and believe the shit that this site puts out… I am not surprise.. you all just want to see something wrong with the FNM and you have nothing absolutely nothing.. You cannot believe the shit that Goman, Fracis and Eraling Williams and whime ever else puts out there.. These men are no bodies in this country… If you all only know… you all would just keep you smart comments to ya self.. as the PLP is about to sink.. so are these wanna bees.. they lack honesty..

    • you are so right and this site will soon join black belt under the sea with the PLP following shortly after. For what he did to his old man Gorman is under a curse and everything he touches crumbles 

      • OK KIM here it is 1st you defended Laura saying that the DPM was wrong.. recall.. now you are here talking BS FNM handing out money etc.. You just one loud mouth like the rest of dem PLP.. all mouth and no education so you trust Bahamas Press to get ya news.. Typical.. I cry shame on ya, you know that is is goman the weesle..

        • Jokes!!! I have to believe you just want to pick an argument with me, because I refuse to believe you are that simple. If I make a comment about the FNM, I have to be a PLP? and you are the one on here calling people uneducated, this is interesting. By the way I never defended Laura actions, it seems as if you have an understanding problem as well, but then again I guess that is to be expected from an uneducated person who can’t reason.

        • @ncl so what youll doin bout the debt? whats the status with the illegal migration issue? who are the families that stand to benefit from the port move? what is Bam Bam gunshot? why is it played at the fnm rally? is huberts grandmother the reason elizabeth has its name? Does tommy t know what a conflict of interest is? speaking of lies what happen to two terms and done? or what for it we dont go to election court? get back to ms sands when you have some answers youll gamble and lose in elisabeth but hey im just a fool this I know how about you

  5. I’m sorry Krossova, did I hurt your feelings, this is exactly what I always talk about some geek, who has his hands and lips so far up in these politicians rectum, that all they can do is cry and repeat some stupid statement like “you know nothing about HAI”, did I hit a nerve, where you have none, so what do you know about HAI?, you can’t even come back with an intelligent rebuttal, I am Awakened, like the name replies and you are a Krossova, cross over from what, your political allegiance, your sexuality, you don’t know who you are, transvestite?, “KROSSOVA”, how pathetic!, get an idea, “DUDE” and bring it to me, or just simply get a clue, better yet, read a book, and get your spelling words together, …….now take that to PAPA!!!.

    • I’d let you have your say, I think here is where you find courage and voice. here is where cowards like you hide behind your monitor and spew your hate.I’ll have to be a cold man to try and deny you that…. go ahead, you are awakened. I know as long as you could duck and hide behind the scene and express yourself in a way that you know and all who knows you know that you don’t have the balls to whisper outside the safe have of these forums…so scream aloud my friend, you are liberated!!!

  6. Maybe, they used some of the money to lend to the PLP so they could pay their 236,000 bill to ZNS.
    Oh yeah ZNS will have to layoff staff, because entities like the PLP, don’t pay their bills.

  7. Altec, HAI is tired and he wants to move on, but he needs to take PC with him or take him down, so that the PLP would want to get rid of him, because if HAI left, there is no one in the FNM party that can take PC, but it seems to have backfired, HAI convinced Malcolm to resign, I think he wanted him to cross the floor, but Malcolm did not have the balls to do so, that is when HAI put his whole URCA scheme together, and prepared for an election, he and his handlers knew what was coming, that is why they thought they could get 300 big ones(votes), so HAI can’t go tell PC goes, that’s how the White Knights feel!,……Altec, what would be funnier is that if the PLP won the seat, and what would be even funnier than that, if Rodney Moncur won the seat.

    • yeah, you really need to be awakened…..it is clear, abundantly clear that you knows nuttin about HAI. absolutely nuttin…so continue with your wild speculations and innuendos.

  8. Lisbeth Resident, the FNM was expecting to win by 300 votes at least. My thing is what did they see that caused them to think this internally and be so confident that some of them would express this 300 margin of victory publicly? Someone in the FNM totally misread the Elizabeth electorate.

    Regarding those 5 contested ballots, i dont know what to believe cause i am hearing all kinds of things. It would a hoot if this ends up in a tie, lol.

    • The FNM didn’t see anything to give them that perception. They just thought that after handing out monies and paving the roads, they would have motivated most of the people in Lizzie to run to the polls and vote for them. What they failed to realize is Bahamians expect for them to do these things during an election and they will take what they can get, but that don’t guaranteed that they will get their votes.

      • Kim if what you say is true then that is the height of arrogance on the part of the FNM and Dr Sands!

  9. Lets just hope the money that was pocketed goes to good use, because whatever was used for the bye-election was wasted!  If I was Sir Durward I would be mad too!

  10. BP, word on the street is saying that bagman # 2 has a serious poker habit, he plays a lot of Texas Hold Em and 3 by 4. He may have paid some debts with the money, who knows?. 

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