0127_obie_john_exNassau, BahamasBahamas Press has safely concluded that one of the reasons for our worldwide readership is because we are many that produce commentary and facts, encouraging divergent perspectives on topical issues. Hence, divergent perspectives on a particular topic often can and do run parallel.

Bahamas Press has been keeping our worldwide readership up to speed on the testimonies coming out of The Travolta Case, where former PLP Senator Pleasant Bridgewater and Tarino Lightbourne are on trial for extortion. Likewise, Bahamas Press’ worldwide readership have contributed divergent views that nevertheless has a disturbing thread running through them, that causes Bahamas Press to ask, who is the real criminal in this episode?0921_travolta_bahamas_bn_01

There is a skewed philosophy in the Bahamas that anyone who exposes a crime is a criminal for reporting it and the perpetrator is the victim. This skewed philosophy is the disturbing thread running through commentary by our worldwide readers about The Travolta Case.

Bahamas Press will not go into the details of the case to sway any conclusions by the court or our worldwide readership. But we do put forth these thought provoking questions:

  • A)    Who is on trial for extortion? Is it Bridgewater or Maynard-Gibson?
  • B)    Who initiated contact with Travolta/representatives? Was it Bridgewater or Maynard-Gibson?
  • C)    Was it Maynard-Gibson that went looking for Bridgewater to entrap her into committing a crime?
  • D)    Once becoming aware that a crime was being hatched, wasn’t Maynard-Gibson as an Officer of the Courts, a law-abiding citizen and lawyer for Travolta morally obligated to report it and if asked to by the authorities, assist in exposing the plot?

Bahamas Press ask our worldwide readership that if these questions are objectively legitimate, then who is the real criminal in this exercise—the one who initiated the act, or the one who reported it?


  1. god knowns :

    god knows,
    Buying out the Report? “Why,” is the big question here.
    I am afraid for Travolta’s WIFE.
    Women loves their childern and she knows somethimg is wrong. John will pay dearly to this woman, because at the end of the day she is going to CRACK and the truth will be known.
    I just hope John’s wife don’t be the case of another freaky death. If her son’s death was a cover up. She should know she could be next. I hope this is not a replay of ANNA Nichole and her son.

  2. BP, what is your fascination about “worlwide readers”? I counted this phrase at least SIX times in what is a very short story!!!

    By default, anything posted on web is open to the world. This is where the first W in www or world wide web is all about.

    Give it a rest all ready…

  3. The truth is Pleasant and Taurino was carrying on like Bonnie and Clyde. The only person who comes out looking good in this picture is Allyson. According to what our Bahamian Robin Hood is saying, it sound like the John Travolta and his wife did some serious covering up, but you can’t even trust anything he has to say, because he is trying to save his own *** and he was the one who went on Inside Edition talking about how the boy died and he knew when he got to the scene the boy was dead. Even if John and his wife did something shady and they paid him to lie, I don’t see nothing much coming out of it, because it is hard to believe a word he said. Past lies do not make him a credible witness. Then you have Pleasant on the other hand telling Tarino if he goes back for more monies, she will have to turn him into the police herself, so she definitely knew what she was up against. For her to make such a statement and being a lawyer and all she had to realize they were extorting monies. Then there is Obie who was originally arrested in connection with the extortion and somehow managed to wiggled himself out of the charges, now he testify that he told Pleasant to tell her client to jump off the roof and kill himself when heard what her client was up to, but everybody wants to know why didn’t he called the police himself, but sort fit to call the attorney of the family who they wanted to extort. McDermott can’t keep his story straight under cross examination. Then you have John and his wife trying to leave the country in a suspicious manner after the death of their son. You could question everybody motives who has anything to do with this extortion or circumstances surrounding Jett’s death, but when you look at it there is only two person on trial for extortion that is the lady in white and our very own Bahamian Robin Hood and the point is whether our court will find them guilty or not guilty.

  4. @william
    Remember nah, dem rich VIPS don’t go through the same things we go through when we fly first class and coach. Johnny AND McDummit got planes. I want to know who paid the money for the police them to go to Florida and be flying freeport and nassau and ting to set up this sting. I tell you, Lighty is correct.. they have us being a banana republic and leave us like a bunch of monkeys fighting for the banana. i still think there was a set up. A greiving parent would be here to see what the verdict instead of in Europe. Then again, those jets dont take that long I guess.

  5. you people and your backward way of thinking and excusing stupid sh** is what is criminal.

    that includes you BP. begin your nonsensical rant…………………………now.

  6. @william

    William I don’t think that blame is being shifted, we know that what the two did wrong, and for whatever role they played in this they should be punishedd to the fullest extent of the law, especially with her being an officer of the courts, she was duty bound to report all crimes and any potential crime, but I think that there was a bigger crime that was committed here, but because of money/status stuff are being diluted. I was hoping like many that when they got on the stand that they would be vigourously cross examined and put to rest the surrounding around this child’s death, you would agree that there are some inconsistancies with this case and the natural questions will be asked, who, what, when, how, why. I just hope sample was taken and saved by the police in the event of…..

  7. @Dibbles
    Well he certainly wouldn’t be able to hide when he got in the US, as soon as he would have brought a dead body in he would be investigated. So he aint no criminal. We have to stop excusing their behaviour, what they did was wrong.

  8. John Trovoltao is the criminal he knew his son was dead but wanted to carry him.What is Trovolta trying to hide?

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