Who shot up Bahamar Casino Ambassador Jamaal Ferguson and left him to die Monday night?!


Why did the police keep this shooting off the pages of its police report Tuesday morning?!

Bahamar Casino Ambassador Jamaal Ferguson

NASSAU| Police must now explain why a man shot up at his residence and left to die Monday night never made a crime report to inform the public?

Bahamas Press reports the attempted murder of Bahamar’s Casino Ambassador Jamall Ferguson has gone silent from the pages of the press and not one word of the incident has been spoken by police. WHY?

Ferguson from what we understand was just recently promoted at the property and yet not one word of the near deadly incident is being discussed- like there is some BIG SECRET ABOUT THIS?! Why was there no press statement by police of this shooting which unfolded at the Flamingo Gardens (Off Carmichael Road) residence of the victim.

He was shot multiple times with the greater wounds taken to the upper body (face/eye) and limbs. Ferguson was rushed to hospital and underwent surgery for his multiple wounds.

The bigger question now though is who wanted the Bahamar’s Casino Ambassador dead? And why has this incident left blank off the police reports unlike the many other murders which occurred in the past few weeks?

The victim we are hearing will make a slow recovery and even the idea that he is still alive is a miracle. But why was this incident left quiet and the community is not saying one word? This has investigators at BP puzzled! What are we all missing here? 

We ga report and let yinner decide!