Who were the hardcore FNMs on Grand Bahama who met with Bostwick before he returned to the Freeport Airport?


Police had warned Bostwick before on some friends…But was the planting of that FNM from a trusted FNM who wanted to create turmoil?

John Bostwick

Nassau, Bahamas — The bloodbath within the FNM has turned dangerous since the arrest of John Bostwick.

Forces who didn’t want the young Freedom Nationalist in the Senate to begin with are now suggesting that he should have remained to further damage the party. What nonsensical position is that? But what we have learned today is indeed troubling and could send a troubling message to the FNM.

We have learnt Bostwick met with close “alliances” within the FNM Party just before he was set to return to the Freeport terminal.

Bahamas Press has also learnt that it is quite possible that John Henry Bostwick II was set up by a member of his Party seeking to get into the Senate – well, what in the hell is this?!

We honestly believe Bostwick was attempting to elevate his political profile… BUT now its appears that THIS RIDE WILL GET WORSE BEFORE IT GETS BETTER!!!

Sources say Bostwick met with FNM friends before he left for the airport.

WHO, OR WHICH ONE, IS IT THAT PLACED THE AMMUNITION IN THE BAG – if it was not him? His close FNM friends?

Bostwick isn’t talking. He is silent on who he met with while on Grand Bahama.

BP also has no word on whose fingerprints are on the bullets.

Dr. Hubert Minnis wasted no time in cleaning up the matter for his party. He revoked the appointment of Bostwick to the Senate and is now set to appoint his replacement. Minnis is proving that he is no ditherer, and is a man of quick, swift and consciencious action.

We report yinner decide!