Whose side is URCA on? BTC should take URCA to COURT!


How could URCA issue a license to Cable Bahamas for Mobile Services when the company has no infrastructure nor can it fund the money to build any? Well, Wait!

NewCo cannot meets its 90-Day license agreement.
NewCo cannot meets its 90-Day license agreement.

Nassau, Bahamas – Cable Bahamas’ new mobile company [NewCo] has URCA on its side as it has now issued a 14-day timeline for BTC to provide a Reference Access and Interconnection Offer to the new mobile company.

Now what does all this means? It means for one that Cable Bahamas does not have the money nor could it find the capital to put in place the necessary infrastructure to provide mobile service to the country. It means it is not clear when they will ever have any infrastructure in place, and it mean it needs BTC’s network to ride on and buy minutes so NewCo can sell talk time to residents.

URCA, who does talk all dey business as regulator in the media these days, is in a jam. They issued Cable Bahamas a mobile license, knowing full well that the company didn’t have the money nor the funding in place to provide such. They knew the new mobile provider couldn’t find the capital to get the needed network in place, and, therefore, with a mad 90-day rush to comply with URCA, the regulation authority want to allow a backdoor policy for their friends at Cable Bahamas.

One must really ask the question of URCA: Whose side are they on?

And secondly: How could it be real competition if the competitor [Cable Bahamas/ NewCO] is riding on the gown tail of BTC?

And thirdly we ask: Does URCA know if the new mobile company will even find the money to build its own network?

If NewCo has URCA on its side, then certainly BTC should consider taking the matter to court and have a judge hear the matter out and ask the regulator how could they license a group what ain’t gat no money, no infrastructure, and only wants to buy minutes from BTC to sell back to joe public!

We report yinner decide!