Why didn’t the family or the police help young Hunter fight off her abusive ex-lover?


More revelations into the death of the 21-year-old South Beach woman – CRISIS DEVELOPING WITH MURDER IN THE COUNTRY!!!

Anthonique Hunter the 21-year-old woman of  Bougainvillea Blvd South Beach – discovered dead in her apartment with a blade in the centre of her chest.

Nassau, Bahamas Bahamas Press has more following the murder of the 21-year-old Anthonique Hunter and the developments which lead to her death.

We can tell you that up to the night of her death, the young beautiful woman lived in an apartment on Bougainvillea Blvd. in South Beach, just a stone’s throw away from the very apartment where Nellie Brown-Cox was hacked to death by her jealous lover.

Bahamas Press also has the name of the jealous ex-boyfriend of Hunter, who will remain nameless at this time.

He is a taxi driver, and, some note, is believed to be involved in a number of nefarious activities on Paradise Island.

Sources known to the suspect tell us he and the victim often fought and she, as beautiful as she presented herself, was a victim of an abusive and violent relationship that could not be addressed by police.

Other sources tell us while the couple did break off the affair, the taxi driver ex-boyfriend – possessed to no end to entrap his ex-lover – entered into the young woman’s apartment and wedged the door making it impossible for her to escape.

Any good crown prosecutor would open with that line in his arguments to prove that the murder of Hunter was premeditated by the suspect.

His enraged possession and jealous obsession for Hunter drove a blade into the centre of her chest, which according to medical sources pierced her heart and caused her to drown in her own blood. What a way to die.

The ex-lover then left the dead woman in the apartment and quietly exited and, after some hours of being haunted following the murder, turned himself over to police.

We can also tell you Hunter was unemployed and was never on any stable job prior to her death. Friends tell us the taxi driver funded her expensive makeovers and varnished nail jobs. [Life in the fast lane abruptly ended- there is no poetic justice here!]

Hunter we can confirm had her bags packed in the apartment as she was headed to Harbour Island this weekend for an event.

Hunter’s death reminds us of a serious crisis on New Providence where death of children and young women appears to be the order of the day and no one appears to be helping these weaker innocent souls.

Young 23-year-old Kitley St. Breave is 75 murdered victim.
Her death brings to memory the beheading of another woman just this July – Ms. Kitley of Quarry Mission Road. She was a mother of two. St. Breave was beheaded by her boyfriend Gibson Rafael, of apartment #31B – on Charles Vincent St. north of Cordeaux Ave. he according to reports had moved into the area some 7 months ago. Nothing has yet come out of that incident even though police arrested him.

Or how about the March murder of another woman. Police discovered the lifeless body of a young woman laying down on a dirt road in Cox Way, just off East Street. That murder remains unsolved.

Or how about the late April murder of another woman, where sometime around 6:44am a young man reported that there appeared to be a body of a female laying face down under a red truck in the area of Perpall Track, West Bay Street. No one was arrested in that slaughter of another young woman in ‘lil’ 21 X 7 New Providence!

Then we recorded how in January this year another woman, Tasha Mondelis, this time on Grand Bahama. She was a 31-year-old resident of Hanna Hill Eight Mile Rock. She was diced and sliced by her jealous boyfriend who stabbed her multiple times just outside her home. William Forbes, the suspect on the run, was never captured by police though bulletins were posted everywhere, his criminal gang decided to protect him and keep him hidden. WHAT A BLOODY COUNTRY!

Bridget Saunders murdered victim #117.

And who can forget the murder of the late Bishop Saunders’ daughter Bridgette Saunders of Fox Hill. Saunders’ bloodied beaten body was discovered along a track road near a landfill on Cox Way in Southern New Providence.

The man who attacked her we learnt launched a blade into the victim’s neck and broke it.  Her murder too remains a mystery and police cannot find her killer. What a country.

And so from Tagia Soles-Armory’s accused murderer being granted bail to Nelle Brown-Cox’s murderer whose trial cannot come to a head, we in the Bahamas sit in a crisis! As blood flows and murder continues, authorities seems powerless to break the back of crime against the innocent!

All it appears you can do these days is arm yourselves accordingly!

Everyone deserves the chance to live and young Hunter did not deserve to die!

We report yinner decide!