Why hold a protest march on the day Bahamians celebrate Majority Rule?


John Bostwick and Save da Bays leading the Black March to Bay Street.

Dear Editor,

As a born British subject who became a Bahamian citizen in 1973 I cannot understand how anyone who aspires to ascend to the highest office in the land could outright disregard and disrespect the sacrifices made by those who fought for us as Bahamians to have a majority rule in this country by his willingness to ignore the importance of Majority Rule Day.

What further befuddles me is that this individual would like for the Bahamian people to believe his motives in encouraging all Bahamians to march with the We March Bahamas and not participate in the Majority Rule Day march are not political.

There are more than 355 days left in the year that a We March Bahamas can hold their demonstration. Why desecrate and denigrate the sacrifices made by people like Lynden Pindling, Milo Butler, Arthur Hanna, Arthur Folkes and many others by insisting and encouraging all Bahamians to ignore Majority Rule Day by marching with We March Bahamas on this day.

I would like to say that in spite of the many mis-steps that Mr. Minnis has made this one has caused me to lose all respect for him as a Bahamian; but sadly I can’t because I have no respect left for him.

This move is not in ignorance because Mr. Minnis is an accomplished physician and he is old enough to know the plight of those that went before us. This is a clear case of APATHY and a selfish desire to ascend to power by any means necessary.

Mr. Minnis your intent is clear and your motives are evident.



Eban Quincy Hanna