Why is the Commissioner of Police getting a pass for the poor behaviour of his officers -Shouldn’t he be responsible for the present state of policing in the country?

Commissioner of Police Anthony Ferguson and his top brass.

The criminal justice system should never operate like the lawless.

The lawless, by virtue of their chosen activity, do not respect the law.

The criminal justice system, however, must at all times and in all cases follow proper procedures. It is these rules which separate us from the animals, prevent us from becoming a despotic and chaotic society and promote justice and fairness.

Michelle Reckley should not have to spend a night in lockup because the persons who orchestrated her arrest didn’t follow procedures and have their documents ready when they hauled her before the magistrate.

And it is not cute when the police arrest persons and take them to court in late afternoon with the sole intention of ensuring that they spend a night, or in some cases a weekend, in jail.

The police may find this funny and have adopted it as normal behavior, but this is criminal. And they must stop it.

The Bahamas is not a police state. The police and prosecutors and politicians don’t get to behave according to their whims and fancies.

We the people insist that they all behave in accordance with the laws of the land. If not, we are coming for them.