Why Lisa Bostwick Flip Flopped With Her Decision to Run For Seabreeze



Lanisha Rolle and Lisa Bostwick
PM Minnis

NASSAU| BP watches with much curiosity the on again and then off again maybe or might be naming of Lisa Bostwick as the FNM candidate for Seabreeze.

The wutless press reported that Lisa Bostwick was the candidate. We saw there was no one saying it was a lie and then the next day Bostwick says she is not running in any election and says social media is talking fool. 

Well for one, when BP says something that ain’t no talking fool. Lisa Bostwick was running in Seabreeze. She was approached, she said yes and the news got out.

Lying, destructive Carl Culmer was getting ready to announce Lisa Bostwick for Seabreeze and BP can confirm the printing press was ready to roll over with the paraphernalia and then like dust in the wind erryting gone away. 

But Culmer ain’t checking he too is eying that South and Central Eleuthera seat as an FNM candidate.

Well you’ll know BP always has the scoop so here it is. Lisa Bostwick changed her mind. She was all hyped up and ready to go to lay out the FNM plan for Seabreeze, but when she started thinking about working with Minnis the Lying King she changed her mind and said HELL NO. 

Lisa Bostwick and her mother Dame Janet Bostwick and supposedly the Women’s Association of the FNM are advocates for women. Bostwick has recognized the arrogance of the lying leader and the lack of respect he has for women – so much so that he refuses to advance women in his government in any way and thought it fitting to replace the one woman in his Cabinet with a man.

What in da hell is dis!! That man replacing women with man!
The Cabinet is an ALL BOYS CLUB just like how Minnis likes it. The Women’s Association recognizes the FNM leader as a ‘lying disrespecter’ of women but most of them are too scared to say so.

Well FIRE CRACKER Lisa Bostwick, nor Janet Bostwick, nor Henry Bostwick, nor John Botswick are afraid of the Lying King, so Lisa has told him to take his nomination and stuff it where the sun REFUSES to shine. Leave her name out of you’ll mouth is what Lisa Bostwick told the FNMs leaving them in shock and wondering what happen. 

The FNM is a sinking ship! It is imploding! It’s falling apart at the seams because the party refuses to rid themselves of the Lying King. Cabinet Minister after Cabinet Minister is resigning! Captain!! The ship is sinking!
Get on the wave and ride it with Brave come this election. 

We Report!! Yinner Decide!!