Why was Inspector arrested on Bimini? MEDIA???


Ellison Greenslade<<< New Acting Commissioner of Police, Ellison Greenslade, begins massive cleanup of the RBPF.

Nassau, Bahamas — An American journalist once told the writers of Bahamas Press, why are you all so upset when members of the media attempt to hide, spin, cover or deflect stories? Your jobshe advised – is to report the news as you see it, and it is for the readers to decide upon and analyze your information. So don’t blow a fuse she added.

Notwithstanding these words of wisdom, we at BP are continually appalled with the way in which members of the WUTLESS MEDIA in the Bahamas fail wretchedly when discharging their responsibility on behalf of the public.

We were indeed outraged today when we saw members of the WUTLESS MEDIA crowd, with microphones in hand, the HIGH COMMAND of the Royal Bahamas Police Force on Monday and still fail to ask the right questions. They were with our boy, Ellison Greenslade, as he launched a new tactical division of the Force.Img281

Members of the WUTLESS Media also had the chance to interview Hulan Hanna on Monday. He was at another location in Nassau talking to the media about residents and their safety. The press later carried what the police are doing, and what they [police] will do to protect citizens.

However, despite all this, not one member of the WUTLESS MEDIA asked the top brass of the Force how is it one of its own has ended up on the wrong side of the law.

NOT ONE reporter had the guts or the gall to question the Acting Commissioner on this. Why was Inspector Kevin Mortimer, Officer in Charge of Bimini, escorted off the island under heavy guard by the DEU on Friday evening around 6pm? Not one member of the media asked the new Acting Commissioner if this did indeed happen or what were the concerns here by the HIGH COMMAND having one of their own arrested.

tommy-turnquestThis is the kind of WUTLESSNESS, which cuts to the grain between BP and members of the WUTLESS MEDIA. They are all over the place profiling while at the same time; they are falling down on the job miserably! Journalists are to probe, ASK QUESTIONS and snuff out answers. NO question is a dumb question. And if you have no backbone, then GET THE HELL OUT OF THE MEDIA BUSINESS!

We at Bahamas Press have several questions for the HIGH COMMAND OF THE ROYAL BAHAMAS POLICE FORCE.

Where is Andre Birbal’s and his investigation?

Where is Madison Pugh’s investigation, which caused officers to fly to the US?

Why was Inspector Kevin Mortimer, Officer in Charge on Bimini, apprehended and brought to the capital by members of the DEU?

Let’s see if anyone will answer these questions.

We Need Change!


  1. Inspector Mortimer is at Home in Grand Bahama still on his Vacation he took on 14th December until December 27th. They picked him up while vacationing and at home resting with his Family.I wonder when they gah Charge him…Perhaps Never because they tried to stick some B.S on him and didn’t even check the Log Books for the movement of the drugs that is alleged to have been move by him. The Record speaks to it and I hope Mortimer Sue every Dog and Cat that brough on this stain to his illustrious Career.

  2. This whole thing intrigues me. I read the Bimini Police departments website. They have an excellent site and i encourage people to read it especially the police news page.  Learn about this police first and see what he has done in Bimini.  Are some people jealous?

    • I notice Robert every posting is saying they shock, they surprise and they seek to point people to what the officer has done. Bahamas Press dos not question his skills, all we are doing is reporting what occurred. We seek not to get into the mix of DIS AND DAT!

      We are surprise however to see none of his friend come on here and point to us and tell us where he is. We wonder why.

      Bahamas Press/Editor

  3. I know Mortimer and can say I’m absolutely shocked by this. I do Not fathom him in this regard at all. He’s always been a stand-up Guy, an Officer and a Gentleman. He commands respect everywhere where he goes and his record of that is evident by the various districts he served. People from Elethura, Cat Island, Andros and even mean ways Grand Bahamian have all demonstrated to him how much they Respect him for the Job he does.I hope this does Not discourage because if the Force had 5 more like him, the criminal element would not as invasive as it is.This man took Bimini over in the middle of a CRISIS where we had a riot in a town over the actions of the Police. He went in there and nothing is heard of crime or any uproar in that Community. He molded them into what is expected and has developed a relationship with Biminites and the Police that was lost during the riots.What Thanks does he get for this ??????.Inspector, if you can read this, ” Keep your head high, wear your integrity where it belongs, for those who attempt to distort and destroy you, shall face a judgement of their own”This TOO shall pass !!

  4. this is the order of the day back stabbing set-ups wire taps and back door deals and if the man innocent we dont hear dat part.ask ourselves why we so desperate to get rich? Everyone tryin to be somthing they are not using words like transperancy trust christian when we are everything but…..such storys are truly disturbing we need to mend our crooked ways cause they ain straight

  5. I am sooooooo sadden to belong to an organization that tries to bring down one of their own by framing them all because promotions.
    The facts are a Sargent from DEU office in Freeport transported the kilo of cocaine 

    • after reading the story I became very concerned as I know the person in question family so i digged deeper.He did get on the helicopter but was hiking a ride. 

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