Will ‘Elle Air’ be grounded? Another slap of wastage on the backs of the poor


Beijing, China — Editors at the Punch are concerned with the thousands of frequent flyer miles being racked up by the sitting Attorney General of the Bahamas. Bahamas Press notes however, if the paper looks closer, they would find shocking, and we mean DAMNING information, which will force them to melt at the miles racked up by the Bahamian Ambassador to RED China.

Ella Campbell, the appointed representative flies first class we are told and according to information shown to us, officers in the OPM, the Finance Department and the Foreign Office are becoming more concerned.

‘Elle Air’, for the purposes of this article, we are told has racked up a huge bill on the backs of the taxpayers for the past few months on her lavish, expensive flights between RED CHINA and Nassau.

Documents shown to us from the Foreign Office, point to ticket costs racked up on the backs of the taxpayers to over $6,000 [SIX THOUSAND DOLLARS PER TRIP!].

Sources tell us, “We cannot account why more than nine fights back and forth in the last few months have been made by the Ambassador. We cannot say for what they have done to benefit the taxpayers. All we know is every time we look around at some government function here HR Excellency is present.

“The real question however, is not what she is doing here, the question should be put, ‘what is she bringing’?”

Bahamas Press is calling on the powers that be to ground ‘ELLE AIR’ IMMEDIATELY!

Sources in the diplomatic circles also tell us, on several occasions ‘Madam Ambassador’ had left Red China without any notice to the Government. We find this behaviour strange indeed.

We understand HR Excellency landed in Nassau just a few days ago to attend some personal function and the tax cost of her plane ticket was thrown at the public to pay. WE FIND THIS BEHAVIOUR TO BE DISINGENOUS INDEED! MUMS THE WORD!

Bahamas Press is calling on the powers that be to ground ‘ELLE AIR’ and stump out the hemorrhage of tax dollars from being wasted by this ‘FAT CAT’!

Poor Bahamians have to break down the door at the Social Service Department to recieve a $30 food stamps, but some JACKASS AMBASSADOR could fly halfway around the world to buy shoes? COME ON!



  1. BP who are you really? You sound like a very immature person with serious hate problems. Do you pray or even go to church? My God, respond like a mature adult, that’s if you are so.

  2. BP Plz dont do it, you forget wat side of the fence am on hey, this the second time you’ve told wat I should say & wat i shouldn’t say, plz dont do that, I really dont like it ok.

  3. So what if she flies first class all over the world and she flies back and forth…Have any of you considered that she may sometimes be flying back and forth on her money? Even so if she is flying back and forth have you ever considered that the highly crucial negotiations and deals that are going on between China and The Bahamas need her to be hands on. Whether we like it part of her job is to be the Liaison between the two countries, that includes flying back and forth and why shouldn’t she fly first class while doing it??? Many other government officials need to get with the times and fly first class as well …

    I am sorry to say that Diplomatic Relations don’t take place in Economy!!!

    So please concern yourselves with other things int he nation and stop joining in with the smearing of people’s reputation.

    • NOT THE WORDS “SHE MAY SOMETIMES”. If that was the case this article would have NEVER been posted. FACT IS THE RECORDS are there reflecting her travels on the backs of the Bahamians taxpayers. And still no one can say what the travels are for. NICOLE BE REAL! THE TRIPS ARE TOO LAVISH, EXPENSIVE AND FREQUENT TO BE HEAPED ON THE BACKS OF THE POOR!


    • In this modern world of technology there is no need to be flying up and down. Remember you sold our btc to cable and wireless who suppose to connect you by the tip of a button. Visual or audio. If you can’t handle being away from home…tell Hubert you can’t handle it and give the job to someone else. STOP increasing our taxes over unnecessary foolishness, like these trips, those toilets at prison, phenton neymour running round the Bahamas giving away lightbulbs, Charles maynard partying while the hardworking people of the Bahamas pay the price by the sweat of their brows. Stop justifying Nonsense.

    • @Nicole how the money is spent is a concern for the people of this country.You mad hey? You does get the old shoes when she bring back the new ones hey…LOL..

  4. It is my opinion that the Government of the Bahamas should establish an expense account for officials that are given overseas posts, and strictly monitor expenditures of these officials. It is apparant that this government has intrests only in the propagation of their own FNM species,thereby facilitating gross misconduct by those favored. When the elections are called( the sooner,the better), this ANTI BAHAMIAN, pro Haitian(and other foriegners)REGIME will be swept from government will be relegated to the DUST BINS of history, and TRUE BAHAMIANS will again rule our destiny. GOOD RIDENCE.

    • @Hanna – LMAO!
      Too funny. But although it is comical we need to get serious about the business of Government – who we elect to maintain the laws of the land. Why can’t we expect to get civilized, top-notched service for our locals? We are a nation of hospitality right (I know some of you are laughing) but real talk – I remember when hospitality was one of the top attributes we pushed in this country. We need to exercise that both to our internal customers (local Bahamians) and external customers (tourist and business visitors) as well. That is unless we don’t care about these things anymore.

      All we want to do is gossip and degrade the integrity of our entire nation. We got to grow up sometime and now is the time; cause it seems like after we got Independence the party did not stop and we forgot there was a nation that needed to be taken care of. We have a future and not just a past so let’s get to it promptly.

      See what the general public must realize is divide we fall – and hard bey. There is this saying…”you can fool some of people some of time but you will never be able to fool all of the (Bahamians) all of the time!” We got to show them that we ain’t stupid no more. We have to prove to ourselves that we are much more intelligent and civilized country than this backward azz **it that has been going on so blatently.

      Bahamas Rise Up! We are so much better than this.

  5. Abner, you have no DAMN SHAME! You have destroyed COUNTLESS LIVES! FAMILIES DESTROY WITH YOUR NASTY DRUG SMUGGLING ACTIVITIES! YOu have blood on your hands and should hang your head down in DUTTY SHAME!

    BE GONE! For you should have nothing to say on this! NOTHING! ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!



  6. I agree Funky. But then again if you have any idea of who puts this crap out there for BP then you should know the MENTALITY so it should not be surprising

  7. More rehotoric! This is such petty stuff… Put this is what petty people do. She is a Government official and we know the current administration has projects with China. Obviously there is no respect for “GOVERNMENT” and this mentality here is why we keep putting up walls between Government and the people. The scrutiny of Government is fine but to this extent it becomes menial and comical.

    So I guess you better request a Commission of Inquiry to find out how the PM’s are spending all of the people’s money because God forbid in their job related travel should be paid for by “the people”.

    This is just too much!

      • ****** ********** you should be the last person to talk about drugs and destroying lives. The blood of your own father is on your hands You like Judas sold him out for a shorter sentence.

    • The Bahamian people have a right to know what is being spent from the public purse. No one official is entitled to live of the government without a proper expenditure reporting. Even the PM’s travels and expenses must be reported as part of treasury records. She is no different and the frequent travel is questionable. She is the Foreign Affairs Minister so her travel should be limited. Further the other Ambassadors don’t travel back and forth nearly as much as has been alleged of the Consular General to China. We do just as much business with the U.S. and other countries if not more. So its a load of crap to say we are doing business with China and thats the excuse for her travel. Bahamians accept to much crap.

      • @Tia,
        I don’t disagree with you about accountability of Public Official’s spending. It is the way this is been presented by “The Media” – it comes across as more sensationalized gossip than a public demand for accountability.

        Expenses should definitely be scrutinized but that should be done by means of Checks & Balances. Do we have any of this in place with our Government? Or has all the balances been bought off and so there is no need to check? This is the stuff you should be demanding!

        • @FunkyNassau

          I hear yah. Gossip it seems is the national pass time. On a more serious note. We really have to put the mechanisms in place that forces accountability in this country.It seems like anything goes in the Bahamas. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Every branch of our system of governance is mired in corruption. By the way we still haven’t heard a word from the Police Chief on the leakage of those documents. The police force is only so big. And only a few were privy to the files. I’ll say it again, if no one talks all handling that case need to be let go and prosecuted. I don’t see the need to keep the matter internal and private. Just as the officer had the nerve to send those files on the world wide web he/she should have the nerve to face the public in shame. No respect was given to the victim and her family and I think the favour needs to be returned to the officer responsible.

          • And why if this is GOSIP you of all people are so determined to repeat your commentary OVER and OVER and OVER on BP?


          • Funky Nassau I’ve had enough of you, Abner Pinder I’ve had enough of you, please dont come back on this web site talking ****. You can not win & your Goverment isn’t going to win the next election, everytime you throw a curve ball at BP we knock out of the park. Cant you see you are on the wrong web site go somewhere else & talk to someone who wants to listen to your **** ok Goodbye & thank you.

          • Now Now Sammy we cannot censure the HORSE DUNG Talkers. They have rights also, even if they are wrong they must speak.


          • Thats exactly the point. You take things to personally BP. What I am repeating is not gossip it is public knowledge. If you have a problem with me asking about the Commissioner of Police then you truly have issues. I have been a commentator on this site for a while. I try to be fair in my assessment and commentary. If you take issue with that then so be it. Is it not fair to ask these questions? You appear to be blinded by your political motivations. I am a PLP but fair is fair and wrong is wrong. Both the PLP and FNM have done terrible things and I’m not nor should you be ashamed to say so.

          • But TiaMaria, do you think it is wise to come on here with your many names EVERY BLESSED DAY GOD SEND, to dismiss BP? Don’t you think your tirade is not sparking interest and that readers cannot see the smoke and mirrors carried on by you and some others? That is why we keep posting your comments to show and prove BP is HIGHLY HIGHLY MONITORED and WIDELY READ. Don’t forget we have the Editorial CONTROL to delete your post. But we don’t.

            Anyway, We report Report, YOU READ and YINNER DECIDE!


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