Will any FNM’s tell Papa he’s wrong on BTC?


Hubert Ingraham


BP, right now the entire country is frustrated with the state of the economy, the high level of crime and the overall track the country is on socially, economically and spiritually. There is a national feeling that the country is just drifting, stuck, with no vision. The people are looking for someone to pick up Pindling’s mantle and set out a course, a clear course to build on the foundation that our forefathers laid.

The FNM administration is to the point now in their time as the governing party where they cant blame the state of the country on the PLP. No one wants to hear them blaming the PLP three and a half years into their 5 year term.

The clock has struck 12 and Paparella has turned back to his old ways of bullying, being a dictator, boorish, controlling, china in a bull shop……….you get the drift.

I am writting this letter to you as a result of something I saw last night.

I was at the BTC rally they held on Wednesday night and I saw many political personalities from the PLP and the NDP but I was bothered by the fact that there was no one from the FNM there to stand with the people or their constituents. That’s when it hit me like a ton of bricks: Is anyone in the FNM willing to tell Mr Ingraham that he is wrong? Is there anyone in the FNM who will stand with the people on this issue seeing how adamant the public is against the sale to Cable and Wireless? Does the will of the people even matter anymore?

I understand that they have to show party unity, but where do you draw the line? If the MP’s on the FNM side can’t feel safe to express their opposition to something that the public has clearly dismissed, then what kind of men do we have representing us?

The BTC sale has the government on one side and the unions and the people on the other side. It’s a clear distinction. What I am wondering is, how deaf and out of touch are some of the FNM MP’s that they cant see or feel the huge tsunami wave that’s coming. How is it that they can’t see that this BTC issue is only adding fuel, feeding the people’s discontent with them and their leader?

If Papa jumps off a cliff, will the entire FNM delegation in Parliament jump as well? Will they even realize or acknowledge the cliff’s existence before they jump lol?

There is a sense that no one in the FNM administration is listening or is concerned about the views of the people. The people are looking for someone in the governing party to hear their concerns and speak out for them.



This is an opportune time for Tommy, Carl, Deion or Shavargo to step from underneath the shadow of their mentor, side with the people and publicly declare their opposition to the selling of BTC to Cable and Wireless.

If any of them are serious about leading this country, at some point in time one of these men will have to show the country that they are indeed MEN who, not only can think for themselves but have the courage to stand in the face of a mighty wind and be steadfast to their convictions and principles.

What I fear is this: Tommy, Carl, Deion and Shavargo have been sucking from the political nipple of Papa for so long, that they are hooked on him like a cocaine addict is addicted to their coke. These men cannot think, breath or even pee without the comfort of knowing that they have Mr Ingraham’s blessing to do such.

So I am thinking to myself, is there any hope within the FNM? Is there anyone who doesn’t like sucking Papa’s political tits?

Enter one Branville McCartney. A young man with some talent who seem to have some support nationally, but more importantly, growing support in his party as tensions and discontent rises at its current leader.

My early read on him was and still is that he is an empty barrel, but when he tendered his resignation from Mr Ingraham’s cabinet, I decided to rethink my conclusion and to just wait and see what moves he makes. Well, since the resignation, he really hasn’t made any, but what Branville has going for him is the fact that he drank from Papa’s Andros size tits, and found out he didn’t like the side effects: the backbone loss, the removal of testicular fortitude, brain shrinkage and the high risk of political death.

Bahamas Press, I must give credit where credit is due because Branville sucked those titties of Mr Ingraham for a few months and he had the courage to slap them titties away. He sucked on that old leathery nipple of Mr Ingraham and did not like the price he had to pay. Papa wanted blind allegiance no matter what and Branville wasn’t willing to give him that. Kudos to him!

Right now he is the only person in the FNM who carries any weight with the people. I believe if Branville wants to be a future leader in this country, he has an opportunity right now to seize the moment and show the people of the Bahamas that all is not lost, that there is someone in that crumbling party who sees their plight and feel their concerns.

This is an issue that he cant loose on and will be backed by the masses. Now is the time for him to stand out from among the addicts in the FNM and say publically that he will stand with the people and when Parliament debates the selling of BTC he will put action behind his words and vote against the selling of BTC to Cable and Wireless.

The consequences will be swift and severe, but the people will pick him up!

Branville, you have been looking for an opportunity to draw a line in the sand, well you have it now!

If you foolishly stand on the side of party loyalty and not the people, it will be a huge opportunity lost to separate yourself from the pack of addicts in your party who so desperately want to be politically relevant.




  1. You see Some Members of Government do not wish to Share The Bahamas’ Prosperity with Bahamians, they think that since they are doing most of the Administration work that this Inheritance belongs to them. Their Logic is twisted and sinister. This group has done things to systematically diminish the Good name of The Labor Movement. They knew that the Labor Movement would prevent them from fulfilling this Evil Scheme. The Hotel Union maintained its Greatest Onslaught in History and was the main Union that they wanted to Destroy!!! They figured that once this was accomplished, the more Bahamians they would be able to ‘Enslave’, I meant Employ. The Hotel was becoming a Big Plantation House for Bahamians. Think about it one President was Elected Three Times for the Same Post!!! With Them out of the way or weakened BTC’s union was next…
    There are Persons Operating in This Bahamas that have Poisoned the Minds of Some of Our Brothers and Sisters in Authority to Enslave Bahamians. They are Convince that WE do not Deserve Our Inheritance, The Bahamas. These ‘Outsiders’ have interfered with the ‘Political’ machinery of our Nation for Years. Their Greed and ‘Puffed Up’ Pride is Drawing them out and Exposing Them Daily!!! They think very little of us and believe themselves to be superior to us especially Socially and Intellectually. They are finding out that Passivity does not mean Stupidity!!! But God is on Our side and He is Our Fortress and Shield. Thank God for the Union because it makes us STRONG.
    They know this and their Wicked and Evil Scheme to Discredit and Obliterate the Power of the Union is their Goal. With the Union out of the way the people would be Subservient to their Powers. ‘Just because Persons Schooled in England does not make them Brits.’

  2. The people of this country is hurting so badly until it is not even funny anymore. Even though Mr. Ingraham take the majority of the persons that live in the Bahamas for a joke, “WE SIR ARE NO JOKE”. I am one of those silent majority that Eagle mentioned, I am do oppose the sale of BTC to Cable and Wireless. I have watched the FNM’s robots on TV this week talking about what Cable and Wireless can do for the country as far as lowering phone rates and so on. They all sounded like a bunch of JACKASSES repeating the same thing over and over. If the government know that phone rates are high then you all have the power to put measures in place to lower them. Why can’t 100% of the company be sold and run by Bahamians. The way I see it, is so the money can stay in this country that we are trying to build for our future generations. This so call leader we have, is acting just like a DICTATOR. What he says goes. The last time I checked I thought we lived in a democracy. DO WE STILL?….Why should so many persons that work at BTC have to work under the conditions knowing that in 2yrs time anyone of them can be without a job. I think that is mental abuse at the highest level. Mr.Ingraham needs to remember that there is a GOD that sits high and HE looks low and He still reigns on the just and the unjust. To all my Bahamian sisters and brothers we all need to unite in this cause and look at what is facts about this matter of BTC. I support the workers and what they are doing because I have family and friends that work for BTC and would not like to see any of them unemployed.

  3. Is the public really adament against the sale of BTC? You shouldn’t assume to know the sentiments of the silent majority.

    • Eagle..are you livin’ under a ROCK! don’t read the news papers they lie, don’t watch ZNS ..you know why! COME SEE FOR YOURSELF THEN JUDGE!

  4. None will say a word. We have a cabinet with ballsless men. Everybody forgets their principles when they enter this Ingraham government. I thought D. Bannister had principle. But it appears that he is like all the rest.If Barnett or Cleare Hepburn had any principles they never would have accepted their posts. But it just seems like everyone is unprincipled in this country.

  5. I couldn’t agree more Altec. Our Nation needs more men of standard, repute, vision, and of excellence. You must stand and stand swiftly. If you are reading this I assure you Mr. McCartney that you will not stand alone. And if you do fall or get knocked down we WILL bear you up. Godspeed Sir!!

  6. 1. Paparella. Lol

    2. Tommy, Carl, Deion and Shavargo have been sucking from the political nipple of Papa for so long, that they are hooked on him like a cocaine addict is addicted to their coke. These men cannot think, breath or even pee without the comfort of knowing that they have Mr Ingraham’s blessing to do such.
    So true. So true.

    3. He sucked on that old leathery nipple of Mr Ingraham
    Lol! You know that thing old, black, and dry!

    Oops. I know some FNM cheerleaders are gonna crucify.

  7. There isn’t really any point in mentioning the names of those sad and subservient scions. They’re programmed to laugh on cue, dance in turn, and jump to their master’s bidding. One of them was on the radio propagating the government’s transparently weak talking points,while interjecting a fair amount of pure idiocy,childish fantasy and outright mendacity. What a moronic sideshow!Trying to browbeat thinking people into drinking that same acrid, sour secretion he sucked from Papa! I often wonder if that Kool-aid drinking buttlicking crew don’t feel just a little chagrined when they have to face the public with that odorous brown residues caking their faces.

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