Will Charles Maynard as chairman of the FNM take the Party where he took the CDR and PLP?


Maynard spells trouble for the FNM

Charles Maynard interviewed by Darold Miller of Guardian Radio.

Nassau, Bahamas — Politicos following statements by the present FNM Chairman tell BP the FNM could be on the move off the political scene with Charles Maynard as its Chairman.

The political observer reminded BP of Maynard’s days as a radical in the PLP before the 1997 general elections.

“Many people forget how Maynard became vice chairman of the PLP and led us into defeat in that 1997 election. Following that cut hip by the FNM, Maynard then left the PLP to join the CDR.

“There the radical became deputy leader of the CDR and what happened there? Well, by 2002 the PLP was back in government and the CDR, which Maynard promised to keep together, became defunct.

“Now picture it, he is now Chairman of the FNM, a chairman who we can attest was a bad one-term MP, who many in Golden Isles suggest was one of the worst ever New Providence MPs in the history of Bahamian politics. I smell trouble for the FNM and with Charles Maynard at the top, the future does not look bright for the party.”

In a Sunday exclusive with Parliament Street Maynard admitted that many persons acknowledge him as a bad MP.

Will Maynard do to the FNM what he did to the CDR and PLP: lead them into defeat again? We shall wait and see.

We report yinner decide!


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