Will The Bahamas Choose Freedom Or Slavery?

The face behind the GLOBAL COVID19 PLANDEMIC Bill Gates.

Dear Editor,

Will The Bahamas Choose Freedom Or Slavery?

I strongly recommend that you watch the video at the link, and then pray that God will open your heart and mind to the truth.

The courageous Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. spoke three days ago to tens of thousands of people in Berlin about the choice that we now face. 

Mankind has reached the final cross-roads.  One road leads to freedom, peace and redemption; the other leads to totalitarian social control, economic enslavement, perpetual war, and the ultimate destruction of our human race.

On September 11, 2001 (9/11) one of the greatest crimes against humanity in history was perpetrated against America with the false flag terrorist attacks on the Pentagon and World Trade Center buildings in New York City.  (www.ae911truth.org)

The 9/11 false flag attacks were perpetrated by deep state interests within America’s government against its own people, with the assistance of powerful foreign co-conspirators.  Following those events the USA Patriot Act was quickly passed by Congress which gave the U.S. government unprecedented power and control of the population.  With the quiet passing of the USA Patriot Act the natural rights and constitutionally protected freedoms that Americans had known for generations were abruptly cancelled by government executive order.  Since then, constant government surveillance, invasion of personal privacy, and regulation of every aspect of daily life has become the norm for all Americans.  During this period The Bahamas has also lost its most cherished possession, our national sovereignty.

The U.S. Federal Reserve System controls the monetary system of The Bahamas.  Through its funding of the World Bank and IMF, the Federal Reserve System has financially enslaved The Bahamas with massive debt that can never be repaid.  The same Wall Street financial elites that own the Federal Reserve System also control the stock of every major publicly traded corporation including the largest banks, media, pharmaceuticals manufacturers, and health care providers.

The corrupt financial elites responsible for 9/11 are now using the “false flag” Covid-19 public health crisis to frighten our general populations into submission.  The objective is to obscure their massive and devastating financial crimes, and to reorganize the global socio-economic and digital monetary systems under their concentrated power and control.  If not stopped now, these financial predators and the corrupt governments that serve them will use this Covid-19 “false flag” pandemic to completely enslave us. 

The choice is ours:  Will it be Freedom or Slavery?


Charles Beall