Woman attempts to turn around on Marathon Road and crashes into a resident’s wall while driving on the sidewalk


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Driver must have lost her mind.

Nassau, Bahamas — Now we all know the new super highway on Marathon Road is a death trap, but what this driver did is the  Silliest thing we have seen in a long time.

No, she didn’t attempt to make a third lane headed Northbound.

She attempted to make her own lane driving south on the sidewalk while facing the traffic headed north.

So get this: while cars are driving north on Marathon, she decided to drive south on the northbound lane breaking up her small vehicle on the high sidewalk.

And then it happened. While attempting to do this tonight, she slams into the wall of a resident while trying to avoid the oncoming traffic. Now if that isn’t dumb, then tell us what is?

Our advice to the young woman: the next time you want to kill yourself, try this – get out of your car and run into the oncoming traffic on Marathon Road. Or better yet, find the Paradise Island Bridge and take a leap of faith into the water.

We report yinner decide!