Woman bled to death after punching into the window of her boyfriend on Soldier Road


Victim is Zephaniah Dean, of South Beach…

The bloody scene where Zephaniah Dean of South Beach died after a domestic incident.

NASSAU| Police have still not issued any statement following a fatal incident involving a woman.

BP is learning a domestic dispute ended deadly for a woman who began a row with a man.

The female has been identified as, Zephaniah Dean, of South Beach. She is originally from Williams Town, Exuma.

She died after punching out her boyfriends’ front glass of his residence and as a result received a deep laceration to her right hand, which was nearly amputated. She bled to death at Butterfly Close off Soldier Road.

Police gave no account of this incident. In fact, police have yet to say a damn word to the public of the multiple robberies and incident which occurred on Saturday and Sunday. WHY?

We report yinner decide!