A 60-year-old mother of Long Island was murdered by the hands of Cold Killer[s] and dragged miles away


Simms, Long Island — Veronica Knowles, a 60-year-old woman was discovered dead late last night near The Crossing along side the road in Salt Pond, Long Island. BP is on the ground investigating the country’s latest homicide and here’s what we know.

Knowles a taxi driver and mother of seven children went missing on Monday. Family members went to police to assist in searching for her; however, we are told police refused suggesting that they must wait for a 48 time-line to begin a search.

Friends, we are told immediately launched their own investigation and rode the long roads of the community in search for Knowles. It was around 2am this morning when residents discovered the lifeless body of Knowles along side the lonely road. We are told an initial investigation proved she was struck to the back of the head by a blunt object. It is believed was fatal and killed the Christian woman.

We are told Knowles taxi was parked in her driveway miles away from the crime scene with her keys thrown on the bed. It is believed she was murdered in one location and driven miles away where her body was discovered.

A Long Islander now shaken by the incident told BP, “This is the worst news ever. She was a hard working lady, we need to treat our elders with respect. This is too sad.”

Ms. Knowles is a resident of Doctors Creek, a small settlement near Simms, Long Island. Investigators from the CDU are en route to Long Island as we report.

Her death is the 140th in the country since 2009.


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