More Illegals land and scores found working at Albany while Locals cannot find work


Nassau, Bahamas — Investigators in the OPM have once again delivered another slamming story to Bahamas Press. Sources close to an investigation tell us, not only is the Department of Immigration colluding with developers and are handing out work permits like they are going out of style, but are also failing in its duties monitor construction sites across the country.

According to our source, a Haitian vessel landed just miles off the Coral Harbour Defence Force base some two weeks ago, where more than one hundred plus immigrants had escaped the landing site.

According to a report tabled to the Minister of National Security and the Director of Immigration round-up were carried out the following day, which resulted in some twenty-six migrants being  apprehended.

Officials continuing their raid then proceeded to the nearby Albany construction site where some additional eighty plus undocumented Haitian and Dominican nationals were employed.

“All of the persons had no status to work in the Bahamas. None of those detained were in possession of any work permit and none of the men registered with the department of immigration,” the OPM source said.

“Further, what was indeed shocking was the fact that several of the persons taken off the Albany site had just arrived into the country only hours of our inspection. Could they have landed in the same sloop a day before? It is quite possible.”

Bahamas Press wonders as many Bahamians are asking the questions these days, who are the officials in the Department of Immigration working for? And we have more questions for them:

  • 1)    Why were the incidents of the illegal landing and the raid on Albany never reported?
  • 2)    Was Albany fined for their illegal hiring practices?
  • 3)    Were the men captured repatriated and if so when?
  • 4)    Who is protecting the welfare of Bahamians, who are unemployed in the double digits and cannot find work?
  • 5)    How can an illegal land in the Bahamas on Monday and find work by Tuesday and the Ministry of National Security, the Department of Immigration and the Defence Force knows not a lick about it?

Bahamas Press wonders if the immigration department is functioning on behalf of the Bahamian people. We wonder if they are only interested in issuing work permits while hundreds of Bahamians from Grand Bahama in the north to MICAL in the south is in a daily race for gainful employment.

We really wonder of immigration staffs are showing up for work?

Once again, the WUTLESS media are dead fast asleep at the wheel and only BP is left to tell the story.



  1. We can not blame any government administration for our illegal Haitian and Jamaicain and Chinese problems. We as Bahamians need to work together more. One question, “Do you buy Phone cards from the illegal imigrant on the side of the stree?” GUILTY hey! If we don’t support them they will not stay. How about each bahamian family hire a bahamian company to clean their yard? How about our gas stations becoming self serve so that the gas can be cheaper, this for sure will cut out many illegal immigrants work……

  2. They have no shame BP. What manner of government would put others over its own citizen?. Only the regime led by Hubert “Mugabe” Ingraham and Brent “P W Botha” Symonette. They are shameless BP, they have been most neglectful.

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