Woman sexually assaulted at the East Street Police Station set to sue the Government for $600,000 for police negligence….


When it ain’t the police its the criminals sexually assaulting women in cells? WHAT IS THIS?

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NASSAU| A woman arrested back on October 21, 2021 is suing the Government for $600,000 after she was placed in the same cell with a mentally challenged male who sexually assulted her at the East Street Police Station.

Ryan Bodie pleaded guilty to the crime that occurred right under the nose of the police.

An inattentive officer placed the male in the cell with the female victim who was arrested for a traffic offence. Bodie, on the other hand, was arrested for threats and destruction of property belonging to his father.

Earlier in the cell, Bodie began pleasuring himself in front of the woman. Later that night he woke her and threatened to rape the woman and infect her with AIDS. The female victim ran to the cell door screaming at the top of her voice.  Her cries went unanswered. 

Later, before the crazy Bodie could make good on his threats, the woman was rescued.  The fact remains Bodie paid more attention to who he was sharing a cell with than the police who placed him in the cell. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE! 

Magistrate Kendra Kelly delivered the maximum sentence of three years in prison following Bodie’s guilty plea. The officer admitted to having placed Bodie in the cell with the female traffic offender.  However, it still remains unclear what punishment has been carried out for the officer who set the stage for the crime.

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