Woman shot in face after daring robbery outside Commonwealth Bank on Baillou Hill Road South…


NASSAU| An attempted car jacking/ATTEMPTED ROBBERY happened tonight near Commonwealth Bank ATM on Baillou Hill Road.

As the female chased and hit the suspects off their bike, they opened fire on the vehicle hitting the woman in the face.

She was taken to hospital.

Bahamas Press advises residents to avoid using ATMs at evening times. Use online banking. Avoid flashing cash. Use your digital wallets. This is the new normal and it is safe!

Did the $1.9 million Spotshotter track the gunfire and alert police? NO! Did the shooters get away? YES! IS CRIME REALLY DOWN? WHO KNOWS?

Another male shot multiple times in robbery in Kemp Road!

All kinda gunfire happening tonight. WE are reporting a male has been shot multiple times in the Kemp Road area. This shooting like the one earlier is also one of an armed robbery incident.