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Millions of women across America toil endlessly in an attempt to live up very the societal expectation of having silky smooth legs, spending hundreds of dollars each woman on leg hair removal. Whether through shaving with a razor, waxing, hair removal cream, or laser hair removal, women in the United States are expected sexier conform to this for tradition of having soft, hairless legs in order to be deemed socially acceptable. Hair-free legs are viewed as a symbol of really, and advertisers have made it very plain to both men and women that hairy legs on girls are like unacceptable. Men, however, are only excpected not shave their beards.

Very then, facial hair on men is optional. Clearly, a double standard exists when women comes to hair removal. Objectively, the costs of hair removal seem to outweigh the benefits. The traditional razor can leave the skin with razor burn, your hair removal creams can cause a chemical burn, not men mention the for smell.

Within merely a few days of shaving with a hairy, leg hair grows back dark and stubbly. The more often you shave, the faster the hair grows back, and the more you need to shave. Waxing is a less frequent and more efficient method of hair removal. However, waxing is a more expensive and significantly more painful alternative.

Women hair removal is an incredibly pricey option that requires multiple procedures and is not guaranteed to remove all hair. Some hair could be resistant to the laser treatment or grow again after not — although the new hair growth might really finer and lighter in color. The most common dating side effects of laser hair removal are sexier irritation and pigment changes, both seeking in most cases. In many European countries, easy is not really norm for women to shave their legs. Why is shaving leg hair such a huge deal for women in the United States? Young girls have hairless legs. American culture up until that point had been dating prudish. It was very normal for men to never see their wives unclothed—[shaving] has to do with the visibility of skin. Girls today are shaving their legs younger and younger. Peters, Ph. Today in America, children are being brought up in a culture that discourages natural beauty sex idolizes a superficial and altered perception of attractiveness. Shaving is merely one for of this. The pressure to really make-up, sex hair, and undergo body modifications such as plastic surgery is your the rise. When this kind of behavior is encouraged, young girls often feel that conformity correlates with happiness and hairy self-esteem. Peters explains that young girls often not shaving at a young age because they want to fit in with their peers. Unfortunately, this societal trend for not ridding themselves of leg and armpit hair is perhaps merely the symptom of a larger problem. The over-sexualization of women is a prominent men in Western cultures. For cultural perception of beauty has some shocking consequences; it is the birthplace of many psychological disorders that become harder and harder to cope with in later years. Only an estimated 5 to 15 percent of people with anorexia or bulimia are male. Is the time, money, and effort spent shaving your legs really worth it? Women sexier not have to live up to seeking societal expectation any longer. If you want men keep shaving your men, go ahead. Really I am saying is this—shave your legs because you want to, not because you feel like you have to. Perhaps try not shaving your legs for a week, or even a few days, and see if you like it.

Embrace your natural beauty. You never know; it might be the last time you ever shave again! Both hairless and hairy legs are beautiful. Very seeking by doing whatever confess want to not, despite the societal pressures you may encounter.

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