Workers at BAIC are being physically threatened by senior FNM operatives at the CORPORATION! THIS MUST STOP!



Judith Thompson STOP IT! Stop Threatening Da People!

Nassau, Bahamas – Bahamas Press is monitoring reports of threats being exercised against Government Workers at the BAIC offices following the May 10th, 2017 General Elections.

Workers caught in the victimization exercises underway tell us deputy general manager, Judith Thompson, at BAIC have daily harassed workers at the Corporation all because of their politics. Incidents of harassment have now reached the point of near physical confrontation at the government agency, and we ga warn those in authority to deal with this before something serious occurs at BAIC!

Workers, some who were PLPs, have been told, “If ya a#@ come back in this building one more day…I will physically drag you off this job!” WHAT IS DIS?

Now we at BP do not support this kind of nasty rank ‘jungaliss’ style victimization being exercised by top management at the corporation. We call on the General Manager at BAIC to Troy Sampson to exercise his authority and stop the nastiness! Stop Thompson and her rude nastiness before she finds herself before a court of law for threats of bodily harm!

We understand John Pinder has been welcomed to address the incidents but he too is in his red dutty T-SHIRT refusing to address the concerns of workers.

Why workers at BAIC have to go to work in fear after an election – WHAT IS DIS!? STOP IT!

We report yinner decide!