Workers complain of failed NIB assistance from late march still not ready…as scores of employers run off without paying contributions!


Employers run off with NIB contributions…

NIB Headquarters

Dear BP,

I would like to be Anonymous, please. 

I am writing to say I work for a major landscaping company. It’s eight (8) of us working.

We have been away from work from March 31st, 2020. We all filled out our unemployment forms to receive our NIB unemployment benefits and have received no payments at all as of 7 May. 

We are employees with families and bills to pay, rents, groceries, and other bills that we have to pay with no assistance from our company or NIB. 

We understand the country is at a standstill but we, as Bahamians who work hard every day, have our employers take our money out for NIB for times just like these. 

We have been out of work too long and every time we call or speak to a person in charge at NIB we get the runaround. 

Even knowing that Prime Minister Hubert Minnis gave the OK for landscaping to go back to work and we are still home living off the last dime, we have no assistance and no job. It is getting really hard and very frustrating, BP. 

Calling NIB and finding that our employers have made no payment/contribution to our NIB accounts. This is heartbreaking to discover. 

We need help! Why would employers do this to us? 

BP, I hope you can share this development, and thanks in advance for standing up for people!

May God Bless the Bahamian People!


Unemployed and in need of help!