Writer points out Abuse of Power by the Competent Authority!


A socio-economic crisis caused by incompetent, misinformed and morally bankrupt political leadership…


August 9, 2020

Letter to the Editor;

Bahamas Press

Never In our lifetimes have we witnessed the raw abuse of power demonstrated by the government in response to Covid-19.  We are not experiencing a public health crisis caused by the Coronavirus.  We are experiencing a socio-economic crisis caused by incompetent, misinformed and morally bankrupt political leadership.

It’s clear that our people are beginning to wake up.  We are starting to question the government’s legal and moral authority to impose draconian lockdowns, quarantines, social distancing orders and face mask mandates.  Our political leaders and public health officials cannot provide rational, fact-based explanations for their decisions, so we receive no response to our questions.  We are essentially told to bend our knee and obey the King’s command.  It reminds me of the old song lyrics: “Oz never gave nothing to the tin man, that he didn’t already have”.  Our PM is acting like the Wizard of Oz, arbitrarily granting privileges and rights that are not his to dispense. 

The government’s actions over the past six months have virtually destroyed our economy, and the ability of tens of thousands of Bahamians to support their families.  Our politicians and government employees have continued to receive paychecks during the pandemic (paid for with borrowed money from foreign bankers), while our private sector employees who pay the bills of the country are locked down, thrown out of work, and left to fend for themselves.

This letter documents some the facts regarding the SARS Cov-2 virus and our government’s response to date.  Without the facts we can’t begin to comprehend the horrific socio-economic implications of this massive and unprecedented public health fraud.

1.  Over the past 50 years Bahamians have been exposed to a long list of viruses including numerous strains of Coronavirus.  Some of these viruses have been more contagious than others, but all have been managed quite effectively from a public health standpoint.   Our population has developed herd immunity to these viruses which continue to circulate within our population, and with no exceptional adverse impact on the general public.  None of the previous Coronavirus outbreaks resulted in the irrational and destructive government actions we are now experiencing with Covid-19.  Why now?

We deserve an answer to this simple question:  If SARS Cov-2 is no more dangerous nor lethal than any of the other strains of Coronavirus we have experienced over the past 20 years, why has the government now gone to such extreme measures to deprive us our right to free movement and association, the right to work and care for our families, and the natural right that belongs to each of us to manage our personal health?  Why now?

2.  It is very important to understand that the Coronavirus molecule that allegedly produces the Covid-19 disease has never been clinically isolated and identified.  Again, the Covid-19 disease has not been isolated and identified in a controlled clinical environment! With no scientific evidence that this novel Coronavirus even exists, what is the scientific basis for the Covid-19 ‘cases’, ‘infection rates’, and ‘related deaths’ reported by the government? 

We now know is that PCR and antibody tests for the novel Coronavirus are totally ineffective.  Neither of these tests can produce an accurate or conclusive result for the identification of SARS Cov-2.  The high percentage of false positives and flawed results from these tests are being used to fraudulently inflate the reported cases, infection and death statistics. 

3.  Long-established medical protocols for reporting lethal infections and disease related deaths have required objective verification by qualified, independent, clinical professionals based on standard test and analytical criteria.  If a person visits the doctor or walks into an emergency room today with “flu like symptoms”, they are automatically assumed to be infected with SARS Cov-2.  This is a non-scientific and highly speculative approach to infectious disease identification, prevention and control.  These subjective, empirical evaluations (based on observation only) are frequently inaccurate and are being widely reported as new Covid-19 “cases”.  This is the definition of medical fraud.

The government’s reporting of Covid-related deaths is equally fraudulent.  The overwhelming majority of alleged Covid-related deaths worldwide have not been clinically verified.  The alleged deaths “with” Covid-19 have been almost exclusively the elderly and those with preexisting health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, immune deficiency, obesity, or severe respiratory disorders.  Contrary to the government’s foreboding proclamations and public scare tactics, the irrefutable scientific fact is that Covid-19 is not a highly lethal disease.  Even by WHO and CDC accounting, 99.7% of those who are exposed to SARS Cov-2 remain completely asymptomatic or experience only mild symptoms.  So, given these facts, how can the government morally justify the destructive lockdowns, quarantines, border closings, face masks, and extraordinary physical hygiene measures?  We are starting to get the sense that the government is chasing a ghost.

5.  It is a long-proven scientific fact that cloth face masks do not prevent the spread of viruses.  For decades the CDC and WHO have advised AGAINST wearing masks except in surgical and controlled medical environments.  So, what has changed with SARS Cov-2?  loosely fitted fabric masks will not block the transmission of airborne viral molecules. There is no standard design for these masks which cover only the mouth and nose.  We are just as vulnerable to viral infections through contact with the eyes as via the nose and mouth. 

Masks can restrict the flow of clean air to the lungs and produce hypoxia in those with preexisting respiratory issues.  When we exhale CO2 waste, the mask forces the toxic air back into our lungs. Face masks are constantly being handled which can cause the inhalation of bacterial infections.  Finally, why is there such hysteria regarding the voluntary wearing of face masks?  According to our PM and public health officials, we are selfishly placing OTHERS at risk if we do not comply with the government’s face mask mandate.  Here is a question for the PM and his health officials to ponder:  If you believe face masks are ‘effective’, then wear them.  But, why should you be concerned if others prefer not to wear them based on their informed personal judgment? 

In summary, I’d like to bring your attention to this important fact.  Experimental vaccines developed and promoted by Bill Gates, Dr. Anthony Fauci, and their global public/private medical collaborators, have been directly responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of African children  over the past 20 years.  Across the continent of Africa millions of children have been administered lethal experimental vaccines and other unapproved drugs patented by Gates and the biopharmaceutical companies he controls.  Do the research. Learn the truth before the Bahamas becomes an experimental vaccine lab for these one-world predators. 

Regardless of your political or religious beliefs, the short video at the link reveals the truth about the Covid-19 pandemic fraud.  Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is a man of integrity and great compassion for the poor. Please listen carefully to what he has to say.  

Only the truth will set us free.   


Keep up the good fight!


Charles P. Beall


Bill Gates