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Dear Editor,

I had to take this opportunity to write in response to this poorly written letter by Debbie Ferguson.

Not only is the letter poorly written, but this cloak and dagger boycott plot is sorely misplaced. As a former athlete and member of the BAAA I am appalled at the behavior of many people who I once respected. But even more alarming for me is the often personal tone these communications have taken amongst former athletes, BAAA executives and coaches. We seem to have not only lost respect for each other, but also our brains in the process.

We are more than appreciative of the contributions made by Debbie and others who have represented our country at the highest levels of the sport. Be that as it may, it doesn’t give them the right to sabotage an event that would be significant to the sport and our country. Now with regards to being personal and petty there are several things which I would like to highlight from this letter.

You’ve asked that Mr. Sands not be personal but you have gotten quite personal with him. I am no supporter of Mr. Sands, but I have to call this one as I see it. You’ve assumed many things, many of which seem to be in error. You assume that Mr. Sands doesn’t like you. You also make the mistake in assuming that you and your band of conspirators can stop the relays from being put on here.

Well as an old song in the 50’s would suggest, ‘One monkey don’t stop the show.’ I think its shameful to even consider such an idea.

If you love the Bahamas as much as you say then you must recognize that the event is much larger than you or Mr. Sands. I will again at this point say that we are appreciative and thankful for the contributions made by our athletes. But are we to be beholden to you for an eternity? In fact, having been at such a high level in the sport you and the other elite athletes should be above the fray.

Why descend into this back and forth spewing of name calling and vitriol? The pettiness of it all is emphasized in your comments regarding the way Mr. Sands looked at you at the event in Monte Carlo. You people need to seriously grow up and get a life.
I will leave that alone for now and digress back to your assumptions. Again in error you assume that many athletes support the trio you mentioned. Who are these athletes that you speak of? Are they eligible to vote in the election process of the BAAA? If not then who they like, don’t like, support or don’t support is irrelevant. You mention the terms ‘illegal’ and ‘vicitimization,’ both strong terms with not one shred of evidence. What is illegal? Who has been victimized? Inquiring minds would like to know. Your argument is shabby and poorly thought out. Like I said before I’m no fan of Mr. Sands and I disagree with some of the decisions that he makes. Be that as it may, I think he has been unfairly criticized. From the time of the election last year the three men you’ve mentioned appear to have been unwilling to work-out their differences with Sands. It is unfortunate. Even more unfortunate is the level of conspiracy and plot that has marred the reputation of this organization.

As a final note I would suggest that before making any future public pronouncements or statements you do two things. First I would recommend that you apply some thought to your argument. Second, I and many other readers would appreciate a good command and use of the English language.  Better still hit spell check, grammar check or purchase a Mirriam-Webster dictionary.

All In the Family

Is all well with Debbie Ferguson?

DEBBIE’s Letter –

Dear all,

As an athlete representative with the privilege of sitting on the BAAA executive board, I wish to express the dismay of Bahamian Athletes on the plight of the Federation.  Many athletes have been voicing their concerns and anger over the abuse of power by certain members of the executive board.  This entire process has surpassed the height of ridiculousness.

Many athletes have expressed their support for Mr. Carl Oliver, Mr. Iram Lewis, and Mr. Harrison Petty.  The discussions are preliminary but have been leaning towards a possible boycott of the World Relays by key athletes  (possibly all athletes) if this illegal nonsense and victimization is not rectified and rightful governance is not restored.

In addition we have many athletes in our region who will also support us in this effort to eradicate Member Federations who are not abiding by the IAAF code.

I wrote a letter to all the Executives including Minister Johnson in the beginning of August 2013 applauding everyone for putting all this nonsense behind us…and yet a year wasted and we are still here.

We employ [M1] the President to cease this unnecessary course of action so as to move forward with plans for not only the logistical running of the World Relay Meeting, but also the formalization of an action plan as it relates to relay preparation, practice venues, talent identification, and athletes scheduling so as to not be hindered by professional obligations that once contracted are impossible to break without legal ramifications.[M2]

Our focus need[M3]  to be on preparing our athletes to DOMINATE at HOME.  There is no way I am allowing guests into my home with the federation fussing like idiots about all the wrong concerns and in  addition giving our rivals the upper hand from lack of preparation of Bahamian athletes.  We need to PREPARE the athletes to WIN.  Dominate at home while showing our guest an awesome stay.

The IAAF needs to know what is happening in our federation and how dysfunctional it is because of dictatorship and or personal agendas.  Mr President I was bless[M4]  to attend the IAAF event On November 18, 2013, on behalf of the IAAF in Monte Carlo Monaco.  Dubiously[M5]  Everyone was surprise[M6]  to see me at the function.

However, Minister Johnson was quite pleasant and courteous in his conversations likewise for Mr Parker, Ms Davis Thompson, Mr Greg Rolle and others.  With the exception for you sir.[M7]   It is my opinion due to your personal agendas and personal vendettas that you are unable to see pass the purpose for what your were voted in as the BAAA president.

Not liking me sir is one issue but don’t forget your manners.  I said hello to you and thank you Lord, if looks can kill, I would be dead right now.  Personally I am not offended but unhappy if this is what the representation of our country and athletes is….then I am not satiated[M8]  and  terribly mortified.  Please do not make this personal as it is not about you sir and never will be.

Someone states “try not to put the world relays being hosted at Jeopardy,” well sir that is a lost cause.[M9]   The few individuals along with yourself,  who are causing the commotion are only interested in Track and Field for what they can milk from it versus being committed to the sports[M10]  and what it can do for athletes and our country as a whole.

So with these individuals still in place it will continue to be a lost cause and ongoing negative commotion.  As athletes we are personally tired and drained from all the negativity and dividedness from all this process.[M11]   And so we have the biggest voice.  Time to speak and fall into action.[M12]

This is a call for leadership and relinquishing of personal agenda in order to move the BAAA’s forward.  You decide….our action speak louder than words.

March on Bahama Land,

Debbie Ferguson

BAAA Athlete Representative
IAAF Athletes Commission

[M2]Run on sentence. Where is the subject and the predicate? A sentence has a linking of grammatical thought and a main clause.
[M5]not the best word choice here.  Why would they be doubtful about your presence at the event? Doesn’t really make sense.
[M8]not the best use of the word but anyway.
[M9]Again, not a complete sentence. Someone? Who stated what? If you can’t say who simply say, ‘I was asked not to jeopardize hosting the world relays.’ It’s a simple sentence.
[M10]Sport and here again another run on sentence. Two independent clauses with no proper punctuation.
[M11]from this process
[M12]Not complete sentences.