WSC Union President Woods considers airlift to US after coming down with COVID!

WSC University Drive Headquarters

NASSAU| A serious wave of infections of COVID19 has hit the WATER and SEWERAGE Corporation.

BP is learning Union President Mr Dwayne Woods ( the last hope for the embattled workers) has come down with the deadly virus some two weeks ago and now his condition has not gotten any better. The UNION BOSS could take advice and travel into the US to get further treatment. Pray for him.

But if the health challenge of the man fighting for people under a repressive regime at WSC was not enough, we can also confirm the cashier’s cage at the corporation on University Drive has abruptly shutdown as a result of COVID19 cases on Tuesday.

The Corporation’s Mall office has also closed following Covid19 alerts there.

Management at WSC are all tightlipped with these developments and its wutless leadership has not said one word to the public who is still trafficking in and out of the Corporation office as if everything is normal. WHAT IS THIS?!

We report yinner decide!