WSMU Industrial Matters being ignored by Chairman Adrian Gibson aka ‘DA CHILD’


STATEMENT| The Chairman, Mr. Adrian Gibson has chosen to adjudicate simple in-house industrial matters, instead of using the Human Resources Department, by hiring a Queen’s Counsel at a cost of approximately $7,500 per day. Under the leadership of Mr. Adrian Gibson, the cost for this approach is currently approaching $600,000 and climbing. Is that how he saves money? 

The Chairman, Mr. Adrian Gibson in reference to overtime payments has refused to pay overtime related to hurricane Dorian. This overtime has been approved by the Corporation and he knows the law regarding overtime, but rather he has forced Corporation employees to take out litigation before the Supreme Court against the Corporation to get simple overtime pay for his law firm to deal with. Is that how he saves money? 

During this pandemic the $4,200 owed to managers would have gone a long way and helped workers tremendously. Rather the Chairman, Mr. Adrian Gibson has shown no compassion and has instead been reckless and totally oblivious to workers at the Corporation who have been called to assist during hurricane Dorian and this pandemic. What he does instead is refuse to pay workers their overtime pay for their assistance. Is that how he saves money? 

The Chairman, Mr. Adrian Gibson has stated publicly and in Parliament that the results of the forensic audit showed evidence of malfeasance and misappropriation particularly in the case of Gladstone Road Treatment Plant. Why to date has the Chairman not gone ahead and initiated the process to collect the monies he said was misappropriated? 

The Corporation recently ordered two Reverse Osmosis (RO) plants. The RO plants arrived assigned to the Chairman. What is he trying to achieve? Is he becoming an RO plant owner? 

The Chairman is currently driving a condemned vehicle out of Abaco that was supposedly owned by the Insurance Company due to write off from Hurricane Dorian. Is there a relationship between the Chairman and the Corporation’s insurance company? If this is the case then of those vehicles sent to Meeting Street for the Insurance Company, do any more of them belong to the chairman? 

The Chairman, Mr. Adrian Gibson has to date fired two Chief Financial Officers and working on hiring a third CFO. The loss of the Assistant General Manager of Human Resource and the Assistant General Manager of Internal Control and Compliance has to date not been replaced. All these functions have been taken over by the Chairman of the Board, Mr. Adrian Gibson. What experience does he have in these areas? 

There has not been a management meeting in more than a year. How do you run an organization during a pandemic without the input of managers? In point of fact the Chairman has not entertained questions from managers over the last three management meetings going back two years. 

WSMU call on the Chairman, Mr. Adrian Gibson to pay the managers their just due since he is prepared to pay a Queen’s Counsel and a Senior Counsel in excess of $500, 000 to represent the Corporation in Court, to deny Corporation workers justice and WSMU is requesting the execution of the industrial Agreement forthwith. 

Ednel Rolle /President