Wutless Leadership at The Broadcasting Corporation of the Bahamas have driven more employees to resign!


The national station is in FREE FALL as morale collapses at BCB!

ZNS News Set

Nassau – Wutless leadership at the Broadcasting Corporation of the Bahamas [BCB] is leading the #1 news and broadcasting institution deep into the ground.

BP has been informed that morale is low at the BCB and stink ‘dutty’ WUTLESS leadership is now driving the station deep into the ground.

We have learned today that more exits at BCB have come with more resignations to follow.

The latest being a 20-year news sports veteran, Charles Fisher, who to tendered his resignation from the Corporation today.

BP has also learned another assistant director of production at BCB, Caron Miller, has also tendered his resignation at the Corporation this week.

The series of resignations come amidst serious factions between management and staff at the Corporation, which has reduced morale and forced employees, who are now uncomfortable with the work environment, to look elsewhere.

Last month Clint Watson, Genea Noel- Ferguson and Christopher Saunders all made their exits at the Corporation one time. With the scrap gang now left in place one must now be concerned as to what are the real plans by the Government for the Corporation, which is falling out of favour with DA PEOPLE!

Where is Pakeisha ‘NO PLAN’ Parker who has responsibility for ZNS? And BP understands several male employees almost cuss another senior manager right out of the yard! It is not looking good up at ZNS!

We report yinner decide!