Corrupt Minnis is a “Snitch” for Gossip King Punch Publisher

PM Minnis at dinner with Punch Publisher Ivan Johnson at the Harbour Moon is a Chinese Restaurant on East Bay Street. file photo.

Nassau| BP was listening to the Chairman of the PLP and it jogged a memory: a shocking scene came to mind.

BP was minding dey own business and decided to stop for a drink to quench dey thirst. Ya know BP like a quick and cold Kalik on Fridays. Well, BP walked into the Harbour Moon Restaurant downtown and looked around for two flying rats and one drunk goat, ’cause Harbour Moon is a Chinese Restaurant and BP not too much for Asian food these days.

Well, BP took off they hat and placed it on the table and was looking around for a waiter to come and take the Kalik order when suddenly something got BP’s attention. In a corner in the dark was the current Prime Minister leaning over and whispering in the ear of none other than Punch owner, Ivan Johnson. BP thought dey glasses was smudgy so BP took the tail of the Bush Jacket and wiped the glasses and the flip sunglasses clean.

BP put on the glasses and lowered the flip sunglasses to get a better look and quickly confirmed it was the Prime Minister whispering to Johnson while Johnson was writing on a piece of paper. Johnson had his two eyebrows raised in the air, meeting his much receded hairline, so BP knew the news was hot!! What in da hell is dis??!! The Prime Minister and Da Punch?!! Well, what is dis?!

So the woman asked BP what he wanted and BP said, “Hurry, bring two Kalik Gold and right now I don’t care if they cold or damn hot!” 

So BP continued to observe this unbelievable and unthinkable scene and one woman interrupted the view when she came in the restaurant, waving her hand in BP face, saying, “Is this a blind man!? He has on sunglasses in the dark!” Man, BP almost slap out this woman. 

So back to the view …. BP saw Johnson reading back to the Prime Minister what was on the paper and the Prime Minister was nodding his head in agreement.

Just to make sure the sun wasn’t messing with BP’s head, BP made several trips to the Harbour Moon Restaurant on a Friday to make sure BP saw what BP saw and, true to life, each time BP went, it was the same re-occurring scene of the Prime Minister slumped over the table talking to da gossip King Publisher Ivan Johnson of The Punch.

So things advanced last week when The Punch started running stories on the hapless Deputy Prime Minister who obviously was a threat to Minnis because Minnis only gets rid of those who he feels want to be leader like Brent Symonette, Duane Sands, Loretta Turner and now Peter Turnquest. There are others in the lineup and they will be clipped before the campaigning begins. BP will give you a hint! Minnis ga be washing em, pressing em and cleaning em in short order.

Meanwhile, in Wonderland, Renward Wells has his head buried deep into the waste cavity of Minnis, trying to secure the position of Deputy Prime Minister. His political life depends on it, apparently, because he knows when the FNM is kicked out of office, it is over for him. Back to the baby making farm!

Now, see, yinna cause BP to reveal the Prime Minister’s dirty little secrets. Now he ga move his location elsewhere, but wherever he goes, BP will sniff him out because he too rambunctious to be doing something like that. No wonder why the man didn’t want no portfolio. He wanted time to be gathering and giving information to The Punch. Well, blow BP down!!! What in da hell is dis??!

We report yinner decide!