With little experience one RBDF jumps four ranks over his superiors to CAPTAIN – thanks to his FNM bed-lady in the organization!


Officers called the new captain on RBDF “DESERTER” after he vanished without permission for some years!

Commodore Raymond King

NASSAU| Bahamas Press is following reports out of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force which suggest that newly appointed Commodore Raymond King has got some serios, developing problems on his hands.

King, who was in charge of the last promotion, has serious anarchy brewing deep inside the organisation, which some believe has become dangerously politicised.

BP is reporting that a newly appointed “captain” in the RBDF, a person who once deserted and abandoned the organisation several years ago, seems to have forgotten about his own dirt.

The pompous and full of hubris officer is now walking around Coral Harbour base like some powerful being while he and the Commodore are fully aware that no officer respects him.

Now this “deserter” was advanced by a known FNM Officer, who is close to the Competent Authority!

The peel head is known around the organisation for her “foxy” ways, and has a history of behaving like a cougar to secure elevation up the ranks on the RBDF.

This new “young captain” aka “deserter” has passed through her panties – as some would chuckle – and has now taken over the job of his senior with the help of Ms “peel head”. The older captain has been shipped off island and into obvious retirement.

So far “deserter” has leapfrogged four ranks in record time and has now superceded officers whose command he was under (this can only happen when ya selling ass).

Military rules ordinarily would require that the “deserter” be at least fired or imprisoned for desertion – NOT IN THE BAHAMAS though and certainly not under this CORRUPT MINNIS ADMINISTRATION! You are promoted with NO EXPERIENCE and in this case promoted – like a loaf of bread – above your superiors. WHAT IS THIS?

Anyway King has a mess on his hands and sadly a mess he cannot get out of easily!

We report yinner decide!