'Wutless' ZNS Twin Editors prove Bahamas Press right!



Here is the man Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Hubert Ingraham who delivers the script of news to ZNS every 3PM. Now we know why there is NO INVESTIGATIVE REPORTING AT ZNS.

Nassau, Bahamas : ZNS news editors Jerome Sawyer and Jessica Robertson proved the point today on Love 97FM, that they have nothing to do all day, but wait for their news script to be sent from the office of the Prime Minister.

In the hight of a busy news day with all the murder in this town and murder suspects around this town, the ‘twin’ editors were on the talk show ‘Issues of the Day’, talking about the role of the press in The Bahamas. Jerome Sawyer went as far to say, “this is a profession that has not blossomed in anyway.” Amazingly it cannot blossom when they (THE TWINS) have four radio stations and a national TV network at their disposal however, they must go to Love97FM to talk to the public? Jessica said they are so caught up with the day to day news that she don’t get to see the ZNS newscast. She also said she is still not proud of what is on the news. WE, the PUBLIC ALSO ARE NOT PROUD of the REPEAT NEWS on ZNS!

Bahamas Press has learned that the ‘TWIN’ editors cannot and will not have their way at ZNS, and have hit the glass at the news organization. “I would not help them if they say they would put my MAH on the newscast!” one technical agent said to Bahamas Press.

No wonder the news on ZNS is just a repeat of what the Ingraham government says, or what a representative of the police said. THEY ARE NOT DOING ANY KIND OF INVESTIGATION! All day, in the hight of the day, a day before government payday, the ‘Twin’ editors are on LOVE97FM talking up to 1PM (NEWSTIME???).

One caller called in suggesting there be more beautification on the ZNS set, however BAHAMAS PRESS says we believe news anchor Jerome Sawyer have too much makeup on already! When he is not modeling his public relations job with the Miss Bahamas Pageant committee, he is on air talking about how ‘WUTLESS’ media has become in this country? The public must get serious on these WICKED PUBLIC servants who continue to THIEF the people’s money! THE POLITICIAN THIEFIN, The POLICE THIEFIN and now the Wutless Media sitting LIVE ON AIR IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY THIEFIN the public time too?

All because they know, the news will NOT come to them until 3PM where they read what is sent to them from the Sir Cecil Wallace Whitfield Building.


ZNS news anchor Jerome Sawyer.


  1. All I can say is MUDDA SICK !! Bahamas Press dropping it red !! Keep up the good work!!! We only got you to get the facts from !! Jerome think he is “King of the Hill”…tell him take off his makeup…roll up his sleeves and get back in the game of GOOD MEDIA COVERAGE.

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