Young bank manager found dead in condo…


Bank manager found dead in her condo this morning. Not one word from police. WHY?

Nassau – A senior politician is sadden this evening this after learning that his young banker friend was found dead in her condo this morning.

BP got the news after relatives called the police at the banker’s residence. Relatives had to break into the condo after there was no response.

Police never reported anything on the incident, but BP is now understanding that an investigation has opened. What has happened here?

Sources close to the investigation tell us the death is being classified as a suspicious death.

The young banker was employed as the manager at a local bank in eastern New Providence. She had left the bank early on Friday and was discovered dead this morning.

Some believe the young banker could have fell ill, particularly after becoming distressed over the conditions in the sector; which since last month had began axing young Bahamians.

BP has identified the banker as Raquel Farquharson.

We extends our condolences to the family on her sudden passing and pray that her soul find rest.

We report yinner decide!