Young gal concealed two pounds of drugs inside her batty rider hot pants while attempting to head to the US through LPIA…


This is a file photo and is NOT THE PHOTO of the actual suspect.

Nassau, Bahamas – Not only was the fire in the airport hanger news today, but earlier at the US Customs Boarder section of the airport a young gal was caught with drugs inside her hot pants.

A 22 – year-old Bahamian woman was taken into custody after she was found in possession of a quantity of dangerous drugs at the Lynden Pindling International Airport (LPIA) on Wednesday 13th September 2017.

According to reports, around 6:30am, the was woman traveling to the United States, when U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials detained her at the United States Pre- Clearance Departure Lounge at LPIA, after they uncovered two packages containing just over two pounds of cocaine concealed in a short pants underneath her dress. The woman was handed over to the police and is expected to appear in court later this week to be formally charged.

Man, if dese people don’t stop soon everyone including mama dem traveling through LPIA ga have to lift one leg up to get scan! My Goodness!

We report yinner decide!