A 40-year-old male murdered a 21-year-old girlfriend in same community where Nellie Brown-Cox was hacked to death – suspect turns himself into police


Another woman young like Nellie Brown-Cox is hacked to death in same community by angry lover

Bahamas Press is reporting this is the 21-year-old woman that was stabbed to death by her 40-year-old boyfriend. We confirm the victim to be Ms Anthonique Hunt. She was found hin her Bougainvillea Blvd. apartment with a stab wound to the chest.

Nassau, Bahamas — In less than 24 hours BP teams on the ground at a residence in Southern New Providence are reporting the 7th murder here in the country in 9 days.

Detectives tell us a confirmed report from a 40-year-old man reveals that last evening he murdered his female lover. Reports confirm the male, who BP cannot name at this time, turned himself into authorities after guilt stuck him like a lightening bolt.

The alleged boyfriend ‘killer’ turned himself into authorities around 1pm this afternoon. The man who resides in the Southern area of New Providence confirmed the incident occurred following a heated argument.

According to information now at our desk confirms the stabbing occurred in the Bougainvillea Blvd. area in South Beach; not far from the Nellie Brown-Cox incident. We can report the victim is believed to be in her early twenties.

Some one must ask the question was this young girl kidnapped and held against her will by this old man. A serious problem has developed in the country where school girls and young woman have gone missing.

More women are being slaughtered in the capital by angry ‘PANTIES IN TRUNKS’ who cannot control their tempers; living off backwoods and purple haze!

Drugs are destroying this society and for some reason we cannot get a handle on this vexing crisis of murder!

The 7th murder in 9 days…what a record!

We report yinner decide!