Is the drinking water provided by Water and Sewerage safe?


Nassau, BahamasBP noted with interest the Water Seminar held here in Nassau last week which brought scores of water experts from throughout the Caribbean. We we heard all manner of things concerning water usage, non revenue losses and energy efficiency. We waited to hear about water quality, but after the conversation, not a word.

The experts at Water and Sewerage did not address the redness and the smell of the water here which is sold to the masses.

Big money is being spent with Miya to improve delivery and cut down on losses, in fact an 81 million contract was signed with this company by the previous Government. Well this is all fine and good, but what about the quality?

Bahamas Press believes that there all kinds of germs and sickness being passed through the nasty, filthy and deadly water being sold to us. We are afraid to brush our teeth or bathe in it.


We understand that the water is treated with chlorine, which does nothing with the bio-film contained in the pipes. The Chlorine may be doing more harm than good.

We have a wealth of information to share with our readers and we implore the Corporation to explore other means other than Chlorine to treat the water. Please provide us with safe, healthy and clean potable water, is that too much to ask?

Rusty Water coming from the government water in the community. - Rodney Moncur photos
Water killing Bahamians in the inner-city. Look at the state of the water given to Bahamians to drink. What a disgrace.