Elderly on Long Island falling ill for lack of food – Young people unemployed


Long Island Neglected by the FNM and Abandoned by PLP – Long Islanders are going hungry

Food Shortage - file photo

Buckley’s, Long Island –– Hard times have hit the people of Long Island in a real real way and, from sources coming out of the island, poor Long Islanders in surrounding communities are going hungry as we speak.

The revelation has left BP in shock and wondering why are people going broke, ill and hungry on that island, when all the wealth of the country is being concentrated in Abaco?

We can tell you just how the cows starved in Andros under a former PLP government, so now in the communities of Simms and Roses and others the goats are losing weight. The crabs are dying in the roads and the berries are withering on the tree. Long Island needs the full attention of the government RIGHT NOW!!

Many would remember concerns grew over the news of rations on Long Island when, earlier in the year prior to the May 7th General Elections, people that opted to vote against the former FNM government were abruptly thrown under the bus by the FNM Government and taken off the social service benefit scheme.

It is unclear whether, following those elections, the new administration has returned cheques to such impoverished communities, and, according to sources, the situation is dire.

“Long Islanders needs help! They need it now. They need it more than North Abaco. I would advise the Christie Cabinet to fly down there  urgently and witness the “crimes” committed against those people, and witness for themselves the neglect and abandonment by the island’s former and current MPs,” a resident of Buckleys told BP.

Bahamas Press advises the Government to launch without delay an URBAN RENEWAL office on the island to begin assessing the situation in particularly the southern communities and bring quick assistance to the residents there.

Next Tuesday is World Food Day and, from the looks of things, a group of descendants from Long Island are gathering food to assist the food crisis now developing in that part of the country.

“With gas prices through the roof and unemployment at an all time high, it is UNBELIEVABLE to see what is happening in areas like Roses where depression has hit hard. While millions are being spent in North Abaco – all because of one selfish man – people in southern Long Island cannot buy food. What an indictment this is to our country.”

A group has organized a day to assist Long Islanders and will assemble at the Cravin Haven Ice Cream Bar located threw Neppers Hill Road Deadmans Cay Long Island. Anyone wishing to help Long Islanders in need should come out and help.

We report yinner decide!