Young murdered man was set to live in a former Cabinet Minister’s flat in Atlanta!


NASSAU| A former Cabinet Minister is concerned with his photos being discovered in the phone of a murdered young man.

The young man is alleged to have been murdered in the bedroom of his lover/friend but in a twist of things, a brother of the accused – who confessed to police of committing the crime – was spotted on CCTV assisting in the removal of the body, and captured driving the remains in the victim to the location where the corpse was found. That brother now wanted by police in their investigation is believed to have fled to a southern Caribbean Island nation.

Meanwhile, the victim was set to take up a job at the accounting firm Deloitte, where arrangements were already made for him to relocate to a former Cabinet Minister’s flat in Atlanta.

Sources tell BP the young victim when he studied in the US was never a resident on campus, but although originally from a poor inner-city community, was housed in a special apartment all funded and paid for by the fired Cabinet Minister!

Boy this something eh? The brilliant young murdered victim was awarded a full scholarship all orchestrated with the influence of the former Cabinet Minister.

Police found loads of lewd and compromising photo exchanges between the murdered young man and the former Minister on the victim’s phone.

We ga report and let yinner decide!