Young woman stabbed up on Young Street tonight…

file photo

BP BREAKING| Hospital teams are now updating BP that we have another serious stabbing incident over-the-hill coming into hospital.

We are getting a report that a woman was stabbed several times on Young Street, the street which runs east west behind Our Lady’s Catholic Church or the corner opposite the famous Judy Bread Shop. Medical reports indicate one of her lungs collapsed as a result of being punctured during the incident. She is listed in critical condition.

Circumstances which led to the stabbing are still unknown at this time but in these times of evictions and no food rations this can be the result of almost anything.

We are also getting right now new reports of heavy gunfire once again in the Bains Town area. Something is happening in that part of town tonight which has already resulted in a homicide incident earlier tonight. We await for the police to update.

We report yinner decide!