Young woman takes former FNM MP on wild sex ride?


Former Cabinet Minister in big row with his brother-in-law over sweetheart

Nassau, BahamasBahamas Press has damming information breaking out of the Free National Movement that saw the crashing defeat of a former minister in the government.

BP can tell you a war has now erupted in the former minister’s family, where it is discovered he is cheating on his wife.

Sources are scratching their heads and are left wondering how the former MP lost his election bid in the party last week, but details now reaching BP are revealing shocking details.

We can report the brother-in-law of the former minister is also a member of the executive council of the party and is said to have openly campaigned against the former MP.

The MP you should know was elected to serve in 2007 for a southern New Providence seat and was overturned by one of the PLP’s new generation of leaders.

We can tell you all is not well in the family home, as the wife’s brother is ‘cussin’ the former MP for sweethearting on their sister.

Sources tell us, if the former minister was not careful he could have been physically harmed on the convention floor at the conclave as delegates found out about his ways in notes issued and circulated by the brother-in-law during the one-day conclave.

So here’s the crux of the feud. The former Cabinet Minister picked up this ‘jungaliss’ as he was actively campaigning in his former constituency. The young woman had fallen on hard times and the candidate offered assistance.

It is widely reported that long nights at the constituency office were spent with the young ‘jungaliss’ while the wife sat worried at home.

The fired MP used the excuse that he was “doing the party’s business”.

Yeah right!

But now the marriage is on a rocky road. The MP has lost his cabinet post, lost his seat in Parliament, was defeated at the one-day convention and could soon lose his wife.

Digital conversations between the former MP and the young ‘jungaliss’, who just recently graduated from a local college is ripping. Bahamas Press has attained copies of the dialogue, which spoke to wild sexual joyrides and bedroom rumps in a hideaway bungalow.

In one communication the young woman wrote: “I wana drive ya car, spank you red and take you on a wild sex drive all over the town…”

The continued hot conversation read like a 1990s hardcore sex clip between the young ‘jungaliss’ and the former MP. All we at BP say is this, “If you don’t laugh you will cry!”

We are told a ‘cussin’ match between the brother-in-law and the former MP is endless, where the brother-in-law told the former MP bluntly after being rejected by the Party, “STOP CHEATING ON MY SISTER!”

The MP don’t know what to do, but from these developments, perhaps he will soon be talking advise from a lawyer.

We report yinner decide!