Zhivargo'MONAVIE' Laing

By Maxfield Outten

Out-of-touch Politician are dime a dozen around the world. Our closest, most important neighbor, the United States (evidenced by the last-minute efforts to get a budget passed this week) and our former colonial masters, Britain (politicians who, for years have being claiming that the people have never had it so good) have their fair share.

However, if we have being following the antics and the ‘foot-in-the-mouth’ calisthenics of the ranking members of the Free National Mess (FNM) and particularly, those of the ‘Dishonorable’ junior Minister for Marco City, Zhivargo Laing, who has taken the out- of -touch Brigade to new lows, it appears we also have our fair share of ‘out-a-touch Politicians here in the Bahamas !! Mr. Laing is so pre-occupied with convincing everyone how intelligent he is that he thinks the people will forget about his incompetency  during this time of economic malaise.

I will outline three specific issues that confronts us at this time, after which I will make a brief remark as to  why the junior Minister of Finance is a worthless, gormless politician  and unfit to represent the good people in any constituency in the Bahamas ever again.

(1)      Mr. Laing, along with the other ‘dumb-ass’ Ministers in Grand Bahama, are bragging  how the government is laying new pipes so the people in Nassau  will be able to create clean and potable water for their homes, well, that’s what you get paid to do, so when Zhivargo Laing went on stage with that ‘rusty’ pipe telling the Bahamian people that the FNM government is looking out for people, I say bull ‘shot’ !! What about the hundreds of people in Grand Bahama, who are suffering every single day and are without the basics needs in life.

(2)      The people in Marco City are calling you J.R. as in ‘Jerry Roker’  it is my understanding that the only time the residents does see you, is on television in those cheap suits that fits you like skin on a grape.

(3)      The people in Marco City needs an MP who will understand the need to represent them, rather than protecting their jobs and public status. There are talks in Freeport that Zhivargo Laing is the most despised Minister in the Free National Mess, with Charles Maynard only an arm’s length away from catching him up !

 After a run of similar commentators on the same subject, I do believe I can rest my case, however, I must raise the question that begs, ‘Can the Grand Bahamian’s TRUST the Free National Mess with another five years of their life ? I say ‘No way Jose’. It is time for Grand Bahama to disentangle themselves from the apathetic treatment and neglect for the past 4 years.


  1. I just read your column or letter and several of the responses. Unlike many of your readers,I happen to live in Marco City.I voted for Mr. Laing in 2007. He has not been a good MP. But then again Mr. Laing has been no different from many of the other MPs in Parliament.Freeport’s economy has been in a recession since 2000.There appears to be no relief in sight.The FNM has placed GB on the backburner.Bahamas Press seems to be the organ of the PLP. You guys really believe that the PLP would make a better government than the FNM.That is your view.However, I have yet to hear any plan to resuscitate GB’s dead economy from the PLP. The PLP is shrewd,though. Mr. Christie and his party have been very careful in not promising Grand Bahamians that they would fix our economy if they win the election. They will undoubtedly blame GB’s economic stagnation on the global recession, if they become the next government. You say that the FNM and Mr. Laing are worthless.That is your view. However, the past nine years have taught me that both the FNM and the PLP are worthless.I have already vowed not to vote in the upcoming election. Both of them are unwilling to fix GB’s economy. Another thing, you must learn to respect our government leaders,whether they are PLP or FNM.God has commanded us to revere and honor our leaders. After reading your blasphemous column, I now see why The Bahamas is headed to hell in a handbasket.You can express your opposition to the government without using irreverent and inflammatory words. If you continue disrepecting our leaders, then God’s wrath will fall on you and your writers like dew.Thank you!

  2. Not only does Minister Laing misrepresents facts over and repeatedly, in my opinion I find him to be extremely arrogant and self serving. Just the sound of his voice makes me want to puke. Between him and Vanderpool Wallace I don’t know which one seems to be the ‘smartest’ Bahamian who ever lived!!!!!

    • I can see why ordinary Bahamians do not take Bahamas Press seriously. For a blog that pretends to spread information, you are only a rag for the PLP. Laing should be flattered by all this attention. He obviously has gotten to the PLP and its operatives cannot stand his strong defense of his party and attacks on the PLP. He really turns on the waters of you folks and that tells me something. He is going place,and doing things right and you know it. Trust me, you will not be able to do anything with a strong man like that. So get a life and find something more meaningful to do in buildign The Bahamas. Chances are, Bahamas Press is being funded by Bradley Roberts, Brave Davis and some other PLP-operatives anyway. You folks are unbelievable.

  3. @ Diana (whoever you are).. you started by saying ‘YOU lived in the United States for some 20 years” then you have “NO” idea what the people in the Bahamas are going through. It is people like you does make me wanna regurgitate. You were in the the land of opportunities.
    I wonder why you left the Bahamas ? And if you back here .. why you back ? So Diana, if you don’t like what i wrote, then TOO BAD !!!

  4. speak for your self LJ i live in freeport and we do pay taxes on everything here even garbage maybe where u live you dont pay for those things but we do in freeport life is not as easy here as u think people are hurting here no jops no light or water in some homes so u tell me how is that a good thing better yet let Mr. Laing come and tell me that

  5. Mt. Laing is the worst M.p. we ever had in Marco City… He Gon Get Beat So Bad. Icant Wait FOr That Day……

  6. For minister Laing to write about a conversation he had as a senior minister in the government with the owners of a newspaper and then write about it on Facebook to belittle Oswald Brown a private citizen is to rise to the limits of his incompetence as a minister of the crown. Bahamians can only hope and pray that this time around the prime minister will accept the minister’s resignation and this will be his final blunder before he’s as we say in the Bahamas, flung out of office.

  7. He practices lying so much, he doesn’t even know what is the truth anymore. Papa keeping him on board so when he need someone to lie for him.

  8. Which one Minister you hope loses their seat in Grand Bahama.

    I am going with Mr. Laing, for doing nothing to help us in G.B and being dishonest about Grand Bahama economy. It’s easy for him to talk thunderous in Nassau about what the Government is doing in Nassau, that’s all good, but remember Freeport put you there Mr. Laing. When its time for your campaign you can’t come with what you did for Nassau, it’s about what you did and doing for Freeport.

    • Remember oneday how Laing said “WHAT RECESSION? A recession? That must be a figment in the imagination of their head.” According to Laing, Grand Bahama is the best secret in all of the Americas. Yall aint going through nothing!

      SO GRAND Bahamians according to Laing yall doing good.


  9. laing? in this the same man who change the duty rate by custom for his sister?? so she could bring the mona vive juice tru for nothing what a shame. i see sedney collie get lisley miller doing the work he should have done yrs ago but dont worry a bucket of s*** waiting in blue hills for him.

  10. i tell yall charles is be getting pissy drunk at the club down from 40/40 now yall see i een lie. now he by the patio getting do right in. he gone next door this man have plenty stress oh lawd. poor charles rum can’t help you. like your fat. the shame will always be there.

  11. After Mona Vive, Zhivargo should not be allowed to speak because you know there will only be lies popping from his mouth. Ask lazy Charles Maynard what happen to him at the Patio on Saturday night. Drunk again. Two disgraceful ministers.

  12. zhivago laing is ing-rum pumpers what ever ing-rum s*** out he collect and dump on the bahamian people these guys are political sluts that sing for they supper. the only fnm can come to my door is ing-rum because he call the shots not them they have no shame or balls.

  13. I read this article with interest and found the humour in it. I am a Bahamian who has lived in the U.S. for the past 20 years. I am constantly amazed by some of the stuff I read here including this article – specifically ‘Can the Grand Bahamian’s TRUST the Free National Mess with another five years of their life ? I say ‘No way Jose’. It is time for Grand Bahama to disentangle themselves from the apathetic treatment and neglect for the past 4 years.” I see no difference in the FNM or PLP governments over the years and regardless to who is elected and what they do it’s never enough. Given the state of the world economy whatever is happening in The Bahamas is not unique. So my point is while the entire world is in a mess economically, do you really think a small country like the Bahamas will prosper when we are completelty dependent on the rest of the world? What has Bahamians done to become self-sufficient? After visiting home several times each year, I have not heard nothing but complaints and while everything says what hasn’t been done, how about trying to come up with solutions. I can’t stand to hear people complaining without providing alternate solutions. If you don’t do anything to participate in finding a solution then shut up.

    • @diana. like you say you live in the u.s. so you can’t truly understand what we go tru here. we have experience bout party’s and by now we should know what one is better for us in most country one party for the rich and one for the poor. am poor.

    • I am in total agreement with you, the Bahamains complian about everything, they have free health care, free primary and high school education, no income tax, lie to custom officers about the amount of money spent to avoid paying duty, spend their last on name brand items, party hard by celebrating every event in their lives, free garbage collection, and the list goes on. Now when they can’t get what they want blame the government and say that they are poor!!! “WOW it just keep gettng better”

      • This still doesn’t negates the fact LJ that LYIN LAING IS A DAMN LIAR AND IS DANGEROULY OUT OF TOUCH!


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