Hon. Fred Mitchell


I wonder how the stuff printed, political guff and trash talking, on a party website gets elevated to front page news.
Your choice of a story today as a top story is simply outrageous.
Your lead story comes on the day when your competitor reminds us that the record for murders was broken in the month of March. Clearly this alone would give the lie to your headline.  Your headline should have read that Hubert Ingraham is the worst Prime Minister ever, judged by the objective measure of his inability to fight crime.  His is the lousiest government ever in the history of our country.
So I ask again, how in God’s name does a clear partisan statement become a represented fact in a newspaper of record?
Then to subsume the PLP’s response within the context of the FNM’s message betrays bad judgement on the part of the paper. There ought to have been equal and opposite headlines and stories.
Further, the FNM’s propaganda piece is given full reign on page 9.  I am now asking that the PLP’s full response be given equal time tomorrow.
Then you on Friday last, you led with a completely inaccurate story about some fictional missing money but the PLP’s response is buried on page three of your paper  today.
I await word.
Fred Mitchell MP
Fox Hill


  1. Fred,how in the world did you see these reports? You mean you’re still wasting your money on that filthy, out-of-touch daily rag being paraded around like a newspaper? I can’t believe this….

  2. Like a friend of mine always says: The Tribune and its ilk gat’s no damn shame!


    Yes, I said it!

  3. “…judged by the objective measure of his inability to fight crime.”

    So what has the PLP done to combat crime in our country since under Christie’s administration, if thats your take??? In fact what have they done for the country and its people at all many would ask!!! The PLP is an “all for me” party. The people are the least of their concern. They dont include us in their plans, were left to the dogs. Compare Ingraham’s success over the terms he have served as prime minister to Christie’s… ARE YOU SERIOUS???


      Well Christie established the URBAN RENEWAL PROGRAMME — CANCELLED BY THE FNM!
      He also initiated the school policing programme to remove these AK-47s from the classroom — THE FNM CANCELLED THAT!
      He then ordered a ZERO TOLERANCE PROGRAMME — And that was dismissed!

      Murders were down to in the 40s in the firest part of Christie era, today it could reach 140 under Ingraham.

      But it is not Christie on trail in this election it is the FNM! THEY HAVE FAILED THE BAHAMAS!


      • “Murders were down to in the 40s in the firest part of Christie era, today it could reach 140 under Ingraham.”

        So then youre trying to prove that the FNM is the blame for high crime rates over the years??? NONSENSE I SAY!!!

        Although i do agree with you to some extent, we cannot blame the present govt. for high crime rates. There is only so much the govt. can do to decrease crime when most crimes today are being committed by young people, whose parents dont take the initiative to make an impact in their lives.

        And sadly as time goes by their will always be an increse in crimes…it is only natural when you have a society where there exist the unemployed(which there will always be), emotional stress lack of education, mental instability and POOR PARENTING SKILLS…the list can go on and on

        So if your saying that the FNM is on trail this election due to high crime rates you have been mistakened!

  4. Mr. Fred Mitchell, I totally respect you as a true politician, with a course to fight, (there aren’t many like you left in this country).
    Therefore, I expected you to have understood what has happened to the Tribune. The first misfortune is, a great man has past away in Mr. Roger P. Carron, a man who’s ears were to the ground in the Bahamian community, (may God rest his soul). The second Mr. Mitchell you helped to run one of the best editors the WORLD has seen out of town, in Mr. John Marquis. (he may have seems hard on you but he came with facts). Mrs. Carron has retired; hence there are many rookies now in the field.
    Think about that, the Tribune is like Chicago playing with out Jordan and Pippen, or The PLP without Sir Lynden or the FNM with out Ingraham…
    Please give them a break and let them grow.
    BEST REGARDS Mr. Mitchell.

  5. Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham is the BEST out of all the Prime Minister we’ve ever had in this Bahama land.And will always be the BEST.

    • Shortpants, that’s an amazing nickname. I wonder what it means. Let me guess it represents your brain (shallow) and your height which means you’re full of ****. Because of your height your ass is soo close to the ground that you don’t have to use a toilet to poop, when you poop it goes back up your ass to your brain. that’s the reason for you lack of thinking.

  6. Yeah, Fred is right about this. I saw the headline and was thinking along the same lines. There is no way a press release becomes a headline in the newspaper unless its announcing some new info.

    It is clear that the political season is under way and the Tribune is doing its part to make sure their party retains power. Expect more and more slimy stories the closer we get the election.

  7. Fred, you are right on the money. The Tribune is the most bias filty rag in the Bahamas. Hubert the worst Prime Minister this country has ever soon.

    • Fred, you are right on the money, The tribune is the most bias filty rag in the Bahamas. Hubert Ingraham is the worst Prime Minister this country has ever seen.

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