Zhivargo Laing in charge of counting chicken at Bamboo Shack! Look how the mighty have fallen…


Boy I tell ya – if ya don’t laugh, yinner would cry!

Is Laing looking for a new Job? AGAIN?

From the Cabinet Room to the store room at Bamboo Shack!  Laing boast that things was good when he was in the seat – NOW HE FEELIN IT!

Nassau, Bahamas – Bahamas Press was the first to tell yinner how Lying Laing was in Bamboo Shack headquarters counting chicken.

The breaking report was shocking to BP, so shocking we had to call Elaine Pinder for confirmation.

We thought the former Minister for Finance and real successor to Hubert Ingraham had landed a job at Hutchison Group in Grand Bahama when he resigned from the Senate.

Laing had advised his Senate colleagues that he could not continue service in the chamber as his work was demanding and he had to meet demanding obligations.

BP understands Laing is in charge of the mop and broom crew at all locations. And, in addition, his role is to count the chickens and make sure none of the boxes are stolen. What in the hell is dis?!

His Economics Degree in farming is also valuable as the company chart a way forward to examine buying power for the successful food chain, which could soon open in parts of the US.

One agent at Bamboo sharing the report with BP added, “Laing is a Chicken Expert. He has gotten his feet greased in deep-fried and grill. Some already have asked him if he intends to join the night shift work teams when the real demands come.”

Elaine Pinder is a success story though. She is the woman who modernized a Bahamian favourite meal and turned it into a franchise. She must be careful though and not allow Lying Laing to do to her business what he and PAPA did to the Bahamian economy.

They left the Bahamas in a hole so deep that the new sheriff still cannot find the cookie jar.

We report yinner decide!