ZNS 1540AM now restored for Emergency Broadcast…After TWO MONTH OFF AIR!


ZNS just announced 1540M will be up on an EMERGENCY BROADCAST to cover updates on Tomas. They also are announcing shelters. BP believes the station could have been up and running more than one month ago! But when ya don’t want people to know what is happening in the Bahamas, you shut down all communications.

Hubert Ingraham and the FNM are DAMN FAILURES IN THIS COUNTRY!


Meanwhile BP is reporting another woman is murdered in the Bahamas. Reports confirm 23-year-old, Lashawn Colebrooke, is murder victim #168th since 2009.

Colebrooke died today after being shot in the hip some two weeks ago on Firetrail Road. the bullet moved through her body and exited through her face infecting her body. Colebrooke was another innocent bystander.


  1. Politics! politics! Thank God we have PAPA to blame for everything! ITS ALL PAPA FAULT! How many people do you think rely totally on ZNS to find out what is happening in the country?

  2. you people a bp are real stupid. how is the prime minister supposed to stop the theft of copper from zns?

    • We never asked the PM to stop the thieves, but we wonder when he would replace $1,300 worth of copper and restore ZNS1540AM.


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