ZNS Executives Pay Themselves Christmas Bonus While Staff Can’t Even Get Overtime Payments


ZNS Mattress Manager Paid $5,000 in Christmas Bonus while others paid $10,000…

Kayleaser Deveaux-Isaacs BCB General Manager and Chairman Mike Smith [right] at BCB. Well the one in the middle is Pat Walkes.

NASSAU| Now ain’t dis some tingum in da bush wit no name. Santa arrived at ZNS, but only for the executive staff. Kayleaser Deveaux-Isaacs, Sandra Knowles and Darren Meadows were all paid $10,000.00 Christmas bonuses. Meanwhile Beverley Curry – aka ZNS Mattress Manager – was paid only $5,000.00 because she owes the Corporation money, so $5,000.00 was deducted from the bonus. 

On behalf of the complaining ZNS employees who found this out, BP wants to know how can ZNS be so broke as it claims to be, but can afford to pay over $35,000.00 to executives, half of whom do not operate in the capacity of their job titles because they do not know how to and are not qualified to do so, either.  How can this be!? 

The executives have received this Christmas Bonus, Santa Claus money on their bank accounts, and, yes, BP checked it out, but do not want to pay line staff overtime payments which they have rightfully earned? ZNS line staff have to fight, tooth and nail, to get a portion (in some cases they get none at all) of their overtime earnings because management sweet talks them into working hours past their shift or at an event and then ducks and dodges when it’s time to pay them.

Now BP has learned that there is a way to get your overtime pay and that’s by toting news and sucking up to certain executives, but we ga come back to dat. 

Here is a breakdown of the Merry Christmas Crew of ZNS :

Kayleaser Deveaux-Isaacs – Unqualified to do her job. Trained in Theatrical Science – whatever da hell dat is! Married to a Permanent Secretary. Das how she get her job at ZNS. Hubert Minnis inspired. She stole her husband away from a SHELL beauty queen and forever will be seen as a lowdown sweethearter. Jumped through plenty windows running barefoot, Harbor Island style, from the man’s wife until he moved out and put a ring on it. You ga get just what you deserve for tiefin dat woman husband. Barren as da Sahara Desert. Don’t know nothing about running business or running anything and walks around with her nose in the air, not speaking to staff who she thinks she is socially above. We know where you come from, gal. Play crazy! We gat some more of your dirt to sweep off da porch!

Sandra Knowles – Another one unqualified to do her job and walking round playing Christian, all the while picking that woman husband up from the airport when he lands in Nassau from Freeport to frolic in ZNS sunshine with her. Wants to punish staff but has her son blazing marijuana while he is working, high as a kite and cussing people bout dey ma while in a high state. What in da hell is dis?

Darren Meadows – The world’s greatest flammer and “yes man”. Sucks off da PLP when they in power and gains from the FNM when they in power. He will say yes to the devil if he has to just to get him forward in life. This man is a hopeless gallist who steps off the plane from the north into the hands of his neat, dress-wearing lead sweetheart – do the math if ya smart. He just got a new car from ZNS. Da tings ya get for being dishonest and unworthy. 

Beverley Curry – BP done tell you bout dis gal. Not qualified to do her job. Can’t do her job. Bullies PLPs. Sexes everyone. Borrows money from ZNS (even though they say they broke). Borrows money from the staff like it gern out of style. Husband had to divorce her before he caught something (she lose plenty weight … might have something now) and grab the chirren and leave town. Dumb as a door nail but on the job for Minnis. 

We told yinner from December rolled in BP is gone rogue! And since everyone look like dey gone crazy around here will we might as well join the ‘GONE Rogue CLUB’ one time!

UnMerry Christmas, ZNS Staff!! We report! Yinna Decide.